Summer Vacation part 5

Summer Vacation part 5

Life gets pretty boring when you have bad sunburn on your arms, head and neck. Mr. Delauter decided that I needed to go to church on Sunday and considering I haven’t been to church in almost a decade I realized that I didn’t miss much. Sit, stand, sing, pray, kneel and repeat. When we got back everyone else changed while Loretta kept me in aloe rub down. It felt nice to have her doting over me considering I don’t remember her doing it when I was a kid.

Once done I get my shirt back on and head up to Abigail’s room, and knock before entering. She’s already changed out of Sunday clothes and is on her computer.

“Hey Abigail, I have a proposition for you,” I tell her sitting down on her bed.

“Okay but I’m not touching you right now because that stuff smells,” Abigail jokes.

“Ha Ha, Irish descent be damned for no tanning ability. No I was wondering if you wanted to go on a double date,” I ask her.

“A double date, with whom,” she replies with a question.

“Well Carlos and his sister,” I answer her.

“Wait you offered me up to Carlos so you could get his sister,” Abigail starts in,” I’m not some bargaining chip for you.”

“No I offered him a double date and he chose you over Bethany,” I tell her hoping it’ll soothe her ego a little.

“Wait, you gave him a choice and he chose me,” Abigail asks.

I explain the conversation and show her the text that says her name. We work out some of the details; Abigail says Wednesday at five would be best since it’s after the last day of school. I shoot Carlos a text message telling him day and time. He gets back to me with an alright and that they’ll be ready. Abigail and I chat a little more so I can find out about Carlos’s sister. Her name is Marta, she’s a good student and according to Abigail they talk a lot but she’s never hang out when they’re not in school.

I leave Abigail to her computer and ride out the rest of the day in my room trying to relax and get comfortable.

Monday and Tuesday come and go uneventful with the girls at school and me recovering from the burn. Mark on the other hand tried to get me to head to the gym with him but it’s hard to work out when you don’t want to move and feel like you’re on fire. I spend most of my time with Loretta even when I don’t need a rubbing of aloe; she lets me know that we have our first appointment with a therapist tomorrow at eleven in the morning. I shrug it off as we talk about the past and I learn a little more about her time with her new family. Apparently the girls needed a mom badly when Abigail and Bethany weren’t getting help with their puberty woes. Mark Jr. offered to help but ended up showing them porn instead.

The bonding lasts until Wednesday when we head out to the therapist, it’s at a private building and not a state one like I somehow thought. Loretta and I arrive at ten thirty and have to wait for our counselor only a few minutes before a short and very wide older woman in a knit sweater takes us into her office. Once inside we start going over all the ‘feelings’ crap, ‘no I’m not happy as I could be seeing Loretta’ ‘no I’m not a very forgiving person’ are just a few of my choice phrases as I get through her questions.

“So Guy, can you tell me something about your mother that makes you especially angry with her,” the therapist asks.

“Honestly I just never felt any sort of connection with her, even the past couple days have been weird being around her. She looks at me like I’m going to either scream at her or start making her cry half the time,” I tell the therapist.

An hour of bullshit psycho-babble and we mercifully get to leave. Loretta is quiet when we head out of the parking lot and the whole way till we get to one of the shelters. She exits her car wordlessly and I follow suit drawing a quick reaction from her.

“Guy please don’t head off somewhere on me again, I need to get some stuff done here before we head home,” Loretta says with a little too much desperation.

“Not leaving, I’m coming inside. I wanna see this place anyway,” I tell her pulling my hood back as I get to the door.

I can see Loretta confused by my willingness to be involved after the therapy session but she gets me a visitor badge and we head to her little office. It’s just a desk and two chairs but as soon as she’s in there’s a small army of girls asking for permission and she gets to work on their files. I sit back and see her working hard when I recognize one of the girls, the one from my first visit. I take better notice of her this time, short around her ears brown hair, about 5’8” and have my taste in leather jackets, a pair of jean shorts and stripped leggings coming out under them on her hips and a thick, black t-shirt are all she has on. I stare a little harder to catch her shape and while I can’t make out her chest size she’s got a big ass on her.

She catches on that I’m looking at her and pushes her way to the front just to get closer. She nearly knocks me out of my chair getting her sheet signed and only looks at me over her shoulder as she’s leaves the office.

“Got a lot of work to get done,” I ask Loretta as the crowd thins out.

“Sorry honey, work request forms for kids with jobs and weekend time out requests. Some of the girls here have problems and it’s either this or Juvenile hall for most of them,” Loretta tells me looking up from her desk,” are you bored?”

“A little, can I go look around,” I ask.

Loretta nods and I step out of the office and start looking around. It’s a two floor building most of the girls’ rooms are on the second and I figure there’s about thirtyish girls here. I note the two recreation rooms and the dormitory showers when I get bumped into a wall again by my ‘admirer’.

“You just like pushing me around or something,” I ask her leaning against the wall.

“Why are you here again,” she asks me without answering my question.

“I’m spending time with Loretta,” I tell her.

“You mean your Mom,” she says,” wow, it was so bad you use her first name.”

“Honestly I’m not gonna talk with you about my life and embarrass her,” I tell her starting to walk away but she grabs my arm.

“Hey come with me,” she says dragging me in the opposite direction.

We head out of the building’s back doors and into an outdoor storage area with few sheds and some equipment littered around. I see some of the other girls watching from the window but my ‘admirer’ drags me behind a shed and sits down in a crappy plastic chair.

“Okay, now we can talk,” she says,” So why are you such an asshole?”

“Why are you so damn nosey,” I counter.

“Cause you’re new, we don’t get a lot of new around here,” she says leaning back.

We chat for a little bit, her name is Jackie and she’s been here since her family went away. I don’t ask what away means but I figure it’s the prison or dead kind.

“So you have a boyfriend or do you ride girl face,” I ask her deciding to push into her business.

“What the fuck, that’s just rude asshole. Why you like sucking cock or do you have a bitch that does it for you,” Jackie retorts angrily.

I start chuckling and sit down on an old bench; Jackie just stares at me with a lot of heat in her eyes before I even justify her comment.

“I have three girlfriends, all of them back home,” I tell her remember the girls a little,” and yes they all know each other and all of them are cool.”

“So do you fuck other girls too or just them,” she asks curiously.

“Why are you making me an offer,” I reply smiling.

“Oh no fucker, I’m not fucking you. Last guy I fucked nearly got my ass pregnant,” Jackie says crossing her legs.

“So you swore off men and ride girl face,” I retort chuckling.

I can see that comment got under Jackie’s skin as she kicks over a chair at me. I don’t move as it misses me completely. Jackie gets up quickly from her chair and starts to move towards me then stops and backs off a little like something is wrong. I get up from my chair and that petrifies her, more so when I move over to her and she backs up against the shed.

“Listen Guy, don’t hurt me okay. I’m sorry I was calling you names and I promise I’ll leave you alone okay,” Jackie pleads with more fear than I expected.

I move my body against Jackie’s softly pinning her to the shed and start to run my hands up her sides, she trembles at my touch so I keep my it soft and gentle as I push my hands under her shirt and touch skin. What I feel next is not something I expect as I go for soft smooth skin on her back and sides and feel light scar tissue. I gently rub my palms on her back and remove one hand to make eye contact. Jackie’s pretty brown eyes are terrified of what I’m doing, I pull my hood back and turn my head so she can see my mostly healed scar from when I got jumped last year.

“I got that almost a year ago. I know what it’s like to get hurt,” I whisper to Jackie,” do you think I’m gonna hurt you?”

“I don’t know,” Jackie replies reaching her hands inside my coat and around my waist.

“What would make you feel better,” I ask her keeping my hands on her body.

I let her push me back a little before she takes my hand and pulls me back into the building. Once inside we head past the offices and I make eye contact with Loretta for a second before we get to the showers. I don’t hear water running inside and Jackie motions me to stay put while she heads into a rec room and says something to one of the girls who gets up and hands her something from her pocket. Both girls head back to me and Jackie leads me into the bathroom while the second girl closes the door and remains outside.

“Oh Christ I could get in serious trouble for this,” Jackie tells me nervously.

I sit down on one of the benches and start to strip down to my underwear, once done I see that Jackie has only taken off her coat and is staring at me nervously.

“Do you want me to help you are you okay,” I ask her noting her still in clothing.

She starts to strip out of her shorts first, leaving her white panties on. As soon as she takes her shirt off I can finally see her build, defiantly has a few more pounds on her but not too fat, just a little flab. Jackie’s bra comes off and I her c cup breasts for the first time, each one with a bolt through her large nipples. Jackie covers herself nervously as I stare.

“Turn around please,” I ask her.

I hear her whimper but she complies, as I see her back is covered with long scars that look nothing like stretch marks. I slide up behind her and wrap my arms around her waist pulling her body against mine. Jackie is rigid with terror and it takes me a second to figure out how to calm her down. I slowly turn her around and tilt her head up bringing her in for a kiss. It’s awkward at first and she’s still terrified when I break the kiss and look her dead in her eyes.

“You brought me in here, now I know you’re scared but you can either run from it and I’ll let you,” I tell her softly,” or you can stand your ground.”

I feel her wrap her arms around me again and I lean in and kiss her a second time, this time she’s more open and I feel her tongue a little as we stand there making out in our underwear. Jackie stops me after a few and goes to one of the back stalls in the shower after turning a few of the other showers on. I meet her back there and kiss her again, this time with more passion backing her against the cold tile. I start to trail my mouth down Jackie’s neck and lifting one breast with my hand start to suck on her nipple and the bolt.

“Don’t pull it out,” Jackie gasps as I work her nipple in my mouth.

I lower my posture so I am eye level with her chest while sucking her nipple; I figure it’s a good time to really warm her up. I take my free hands and pull off Jackie’s panties and throw them out of the stall. I push her legs apart a little and rub my fingers against her unshaved pussy finding her clit and rubbing it lightly. Jackie’s hands are all over the back of my head and my arms as I suck and finger her, I can hear her moaning as methodically rub her clit with one finger. Jackie starts moving her own hips against my fingers and I let her tit fall out of my mouth and dropping to my knees pick up one of her legs and bury my face in her pussy.

“Oh shit that’s too much,” Jackie gasps as I suck on her clit.

Jackie’s pussy is sweet and warm as I suck her clit; I use my hands to hold her up and in place while I work her over. I’m getting hard but I want to give her an orgasm before fucking her senseless. The sunburn over the past few days kept me away from Abigail and Bethany but it’s down to a dull sting now as she grips my head like a vise. Jackie starts bucking her pussy against my face and moaning louder I get a little liquid running down my chin as she hits her orgasm. I stand up and hold Jackie’s body up till her senses come back to her. She looks up at me with a dopey grin and sticking her hand in my shorts starts rubbing my cock till it’s hard.

“Oh shit, need the condom,” Jackie says freezing the situation in place as she head back to her clothing and fishes it out of her jacket pocket.

Once back in the shower stall Jackie pulls my shorts down and rips the condom package open before rolling it onto my cock and standing up straight. I turn Jackie around and bend her over at the waist. She puts her forearms against the wall and lowers her head as I rub my cockhead against her slit slowly before finding her pussy hole and slowly sliding half my cock inside. I hear Jackie whimpering and keep myself inside her while marveling at how tight she is, I can’t feel any texture thanks to the condom but it’s tight enough that I decide to take my time and slowly begin thrusting my cock half way in and out of her pussy.

It’s a maddening pace for me considering I haven’t had a good hard fucking since Katy a week ago but Jackie’s not begging for it to stop as I keep it slow and easy. I watch as one of Jackie’s hands drops from the wall and moves I assume between her legs rubbing her clit. I look down and can see more of her cum on the condom so I push in all the way. As soon as I’m all in Jackie’s head rocks backwards and she grunts loudly at the invasion, I take my hands off her hips and reach up under her chest taking a tit in each hand and start massaging them as I grind my cock in her pussy.

“Do you want it harder or should I keep it soft,” I ask Jackie giving her small thrusts of my cock.

“Can you do it without hurting me,” Jackie asks looking back to me over her shoulder.

I smile and let go of her tits and standing up straight back my cock out of her pussy till it’s just the head inside her before slamming the whole seven and a half inches deep into Jackie’s pussy. She squeals a bit at the shock of it and moves her hand from her pussy to her mouth. I continue back all the way out and slamming it back in when Jackie looks back at me with a desperate look on her face. I us both down in the stall till we’re on our knees and Jackie’s hands are underneath her face before taking her hips and jack hammering my cock hard and fast in and out of her pussy. I can hear Jackie grunting as I pound her pussy and the tightness is becoming too much for me as feel myself getting close. I stop buried inside Jackie before pulling out and rolling her onto her back, she looks at me confused and slightly dazed as I spread her legs and push back inside her pussy.

I wrap my arms up under Jackie’s and hold her head as I resume my frantic pace. Jackie looks at me with that same scared desperate look when I make eye contact and feeling the tingle in the base of my cock start cumming into the condom. I go rigid and somewhere in the blur I feel her hands on my body pulling me against her. I lay there with my head resting next to Jackie’s as she rubs my back soothing my mood and when I pull up to see her face she’s got a sweet smile on before kissing me lightly and helping me get off her body and out of her pussy.

We get me cleaned up a little and dressed before quietly exiting the showers. The girl guarding the door nods to Jackie before heading back to the recreation room. I let Jackie lead me back outside to the sheds and once out there she sits me on the bench and sits down next to me.

“I didn’t think guys could be like that,” Jackie says leaning against me.

“I’m going to guess you’ve known some ain’t shit guys in your life,” I reply warmly.

Jackie doesn’t answer and I don’t pry into her past as we sit calmly before being joined by a few more girls. Most of them look at me like they know what I did but they don’t say anything as they talk with Jackie. I figure this is my chance to step away and after nudging Jackie and getting up I see her nod and continue chatting. Once back inside I see Loretta still at her desk and sit down across from her.

“We’re you safe,” Loretta asks without looking up from her paperwork.

“Yeah, is what happened with me and Jackie a problem,” I ask back.

Loretta shakes her head no and closes the file folder in front of her before grabbing her purse and leading me to another office with a heavy set Latino woman inside.

“I’m done for the day and I’ll be out with my son if there’s and emergency,” Loretta tells the woman before we leave.

We head back to the car and as soon as we’re on the streets Loretta decides that we’re going to the mall. Once in the parking lot I can see this one is a lot bigger than the one I go to back home, two floors and its own theater built in.

“Hey, we need to get you a few nice shirts and some slacks,” Loretta tells me.

I remember the pre-Derek and Heather me and have to catch up to Loretta. Once inside she drags me off to a ‘young men’s’ designer store and starts looking at polo shirts and khakis. After about half an hour and three different stages of trying on things she picks I can see her getting frustrated with my not wanting to wear dress clothes.

“Okay, you need to try to work with me on these clothes, they’re not going to kill you,” Loretta tells me after I come out of the changing room in my original gear.

“I don’t like dress clothes, got out of wearing them this past year,” I tell her,” they make me feel like a pussy.”

“Mark and his son like them just fine and I remember your father being okay with them so what’s wrong with you and these clothes,” Loretta asks on the defensive.

I explain more about the Derek and Heather thing that happened, I tell her about how I always was the good guy and about when I snapped and burned all the old clothes. She sits patiently and listens to me before grabbing two dress shirts, one in black and one in white and some black slacks.

“Okay, so this is your nice clothes while you’re down here,” Loretta tells me with a level of finality.

I want to object but I figure I won’t have to wear them all the time as she pays for the items and we head to the food court. We settle on pizza for lunch and chat calmly when she starts staring at some kids playing around their parents. I turn and see the children just running around and acting crazy but when I turn back to Loretta she’s got the ‘about to cry’ look on her face.

“I can barely remember you back then. I know you were trying to be nice in the office today but I only have a handful of sober memories of you playing as a child,” Loretta tells me with tears in her eyes.

“I didn’t try to be nice in the office, I was being honest,” I tell her taking her hand,” I’m not known anymore for being especially nice to a lot of people. When Mark ambushed me I honestly thought I should just leave and let your family hang in the breeze. I am not nice but they are.”

I pull out my phone and show her a picture of Korinna, Katy and Mathilda. I let her take the phone and she wipes her tears looking at it.

“That’s my nice side; I ask them when I’m going too far with most things. I saved Katy from someone worse than you were last year and she said you deserved a second chance,” I tell her squeezing her hand,” I hate being away from them, I miss them like crazy. I just figure that either we can settle on everything that happened in the past or we don’t.”

We sit in more silence as Loretta regains her composure and once she’s okay we dispose of our trays and she drags me off to a more modern clothing store. A lot of cargo pants and witty t-shirts with some studded belts and boots line the store. I let her start going through the different pieces until she’s got some button up polyester shirts with better looking patterns and some long shorts. Once she pays she drags me back to a fitting room and steps inside for a minute and after looking around lifts the front of her blouse up exposing her stomach to me, I back up for a second until I see tattoo with ‘my best little Guy’ and a baby picture face on her stomach on the right side. Loretta lowers her top and steps out.

“I got that after your Dad divorced me because I figured I’d never see you again,” Loretta tells me somberly,” Now take me to where you are getting your tattoo.”

I get led out of the mall and give her the directions to the tattoo parlor, it’s a twenty minute drive and once there Loretta wastes no time getting out of the car and leads me inside. Once in I recognize the girl at the counter and the old man from my first visit. The girl gets a sour look when she sees Loretta.

“Ma’am may I help you,” the girl asks Loretta.

“Whoever is in charge tell them that a parent needs to speak with them,” Loretta responds causing the girl to look over at her Grandfather.

I watch the old man start to get up but Loretta wastes no time heading behind the counter and sits down in a chair next to him.

“This is your place,” Loretta says more than asks,” and you tattooed my under eighteen year old child without parental consent.”

“Listen lady, I don’t know who you are but the boy wanted a tattoo and he’s got one, it’s not done but that’s between him and my boy Smitty,” the old man answers plainly.

“Oh I’m not mad, I’m his mother and I’m giving you the consent,” she tells him getting a weird reaction from the girl and her grandfather.

“You’re not here to file some complaint or press charges,” the girl asks.

“No, I just wanted you to know that his business is good here and there’s going to be no trouble,” Loretta tells her turning her attention back to the old man,” Is everything okay now?”

The old man nods and smiles at Loretta who gets up and leads me back out of the store and to her car. We’re heading down the road back to home when she sees me just staring at her confused.

“If I told them that I didn’t want you to get anymore work and that they were in trouble I’m guessing you’d get pretty pissed off at me,” Loretta asks plainly.

I nod and see she’s smiling from the driver’s seat. I shake my head at the situation, first she doesn’t want me to get one now I have permission. We pull into the driveway and get the car parked in the garage, I unload the few clothes that I Loretta bought for me and get them too my room passing Bethany’s open door. I casually look in to see her and Abigail going over what Abigail is going to wear on the date tonight.

I figure get my own clothing situated for the ‘date’ before texting Carlos and making sure things are cool. He replies that it should be fine and that he’s thinking about taking Abigail to a movie at the mall to keep things on the ‘safe’ side. I ask if Marta is good with seeing a movie and he doesn’t reply. I figure he got busy and note that it’s only two in the afternoon. I chill out and send off messages to my girls back home about my plans for the evening. Korinna seems more depressed, Katy is supportive and Mathilda is ‘threatening’ me with sexual abuse when I get back. I chuckle and make a note to get some one on one time with Mathilda when I get back but it’s Kori I’m worried about and shoot Jun a notice asking him and Natsuko to check up on her cause I think things are getting too distant. He lets me know that his sister is on it and not to worry. Kori being the first and coolest of all three girls was really okay letting me go when it happened but I’m worried more about her now that it’s been almost a week.

My door jumps open and Mark Jr. is there with an expectant look on his face as he closes the door and sits down on the couch.

“So we’re taking my little sister out on a double date,” Mark tells me with some concern.

“Yeah, Carlos from her school and I’m seeing his sister Marta,” I give him the details plainly.

“No I mean I’m driving you all down there and I’m going to be back up,” Mark more informs me than asks.

“Dude you need to chill the hell out, I get she’s your sister but I’ll be there and nothing bad is going to happen to her,” I tell him trying to calm him down,” I’ll agree to you driving us down there but don’t be hanging out over our shoulders, if you want just keep close and I’ll text you if something happens.”

We come to the agreement that he’ll be in the area if anything goes wrong and I get left alone in my room again wondering if he’s this protective of everything in the house. I decide it’s a good time for another shower since I had a good time with Jackie earlier.

I get out of the shower and take my time getting ready, Black button up shirt with some tribal designs in red on the chest and short sleeves with my dark blue jeans and boots; I grab my coat and head down to Bethany’s room and see her helping Abigail with some light makeup. I lean in the doorway and take note of Abigail, a simple yellow skirt and a plain white button up blouse. I can admire her for going the simple route not too enticing but still damn cute.

“She’s already for a date,” Bethany announces putting away the makeup.

I lead Abigail down to the garage and Mark is waiting with his car, I get in the back and Abigail get’s in the front before we’re off and down the road. It’s almost a half an hour trip but we’re there a few minutes before five. Mark gives me the big brother look and I nod as Abigail and I head into the mall.

We walk around a little bit before heading to the theater and I text Carlos to tell him that we’re here. Instead of a reply Carlos shows up from the theater lobby in khakis and a white dress shirt. He smiles as he sees Abigail and me standing there.

“Hey I didn’t think you’d show,” Carlos says to Abigail a little surprised.

“Well it is a double date. Where’s Marta,” Abigail asks quizzically.

“Your date is on her way here, Mom kept her around for a bit but she’s got a ride and will be by here in a few, we can get seats now if you two want,” Carlos explains heading inside.

“I’ll wait for her out here man, but I’ll get the tickets for you two first and buy ours when I she gets here,” I tell Carlos feeling generous about the situation.

I hand off their tickets to the movie and sit down on a bench out in front of the theater and wait for Marta. It’s quiet once the movies get closer to starting and I check my clock to see the movie started already. I shake it off and keep my watch for Marta. After an hour I wonder about shooting Carlos a text message but it’s a movie and that’s rude, so I decide text Mark and asking him how he’s doing. Mark replies that he’s just chatting up a hottie and if things are cool, I say it’ll be fine and put my phone away.

After two hours of waiting I’ve got my coat on and hood up, needless to say I am in a foul mood. I just got played for a fool, Carlos played me. The movies let out and I see Carlos and Abigail talking pleasantly when I see the couple behind them, I recognize Marta from the school and they skinny Latino boy with his arm around her waist who was with them when I greeted Abigail. I quickly text that the movie is over and where Abigail is to Mark with an ‘I’m fucking done’, I get an 'oh shit' reply and pull my hood up before they couples get out of the theater lobby. As soon as they are all the way out I stand up from the bench and as soon as everyone but Abigail sees me I get the ‘oh shit’ looks.

“Hey are you Guy, I’m Romeo,” the skinny guy says holding out his hand,” I tried to find you in the lobby when the movie started but didn’t see you.”

I take my eyes off Carlos and just stare a hole into ‘Romeo’ causing him to back up next to Marta. Abigail is confused and starting to ask questions when I stop her.

“Hey I must have heard Carlos wrong when he said I was going to be a part of this double date,” I say with sick venom,” you all get something to eat, I’m out.”

“Hey girls, can I talk to Guy alone for a minute,” Carlos asks.

The girls leave taking Romeo with him and I see Carlos trying to figure out how he’s going to explain himself to me. I don’t give him the opportunity and walk away, I hear him call after me but if I hear anymore words I’m gonna kill someone. I get to the opposite end of the mall and sit down on a bench, I have a message from Abigail asking me where I went off too but I tell her not to worry and have a good time.

It isn’t too long after that I get a text from Carlos saying that Abigail is worried about me and to come back and talk with them so he can explain. I don’t reply to the message and try to figure the whole situation out. Carlos must have been watching Abigail for a while but didn’t have any approach to ask her out, I expressed interest in his sister and offer a double date which gives him a play that he can get her out without making himself look foolish. Then his sister brings her actual date and he can at least get his foot in the door talking with Abigail. I almost wanna get ‘tool’ tattooed on my forehead but decide against it as I hunker down for a few more minutes before texting Mark that I’m leaving to cool off or something.

I get outside and just start walking around the mall’s sidewalk trying to cool off. I want to go back in and beat Carlos to death but then I get to watch Abigail freak out as her nice semi normal date ends in police questions and me in hand cuffs. I start to plan an ambush or something and nearly walk into someone.

“Hey cabron, watch where the fuck you going,” I hear a slightly feminine voice yell at me.

I look up and realize that I’m staring at a 5’9” angry Latino female in a jean jacket and matching pants and a white tank top under the coat. Normally she’d be hot but right now I’m too pissed off to care and wave her off as I continue my laps of the mall. Another minute and I get called to by an unfamiliar voice.

“Hey you are you Guy,” the woman I met a minute ago asks.

“Yeah, what the fuck do you want,” I ask really not in the mood for anyone.

“Well fuck you too man, Carlos sent me out here to find you cause I’m late for the date,” she tells me taking a defensive attitude.

I think on what Carlos said earlier, my date was on the way. He didn’t say Marta but when we talked earlier in the week and that’s who he said I was gonna be seeing. Awesome, not only do I get played out but it’s a bait and switch.

“Well that’s awesome,” I respond to her,” so you’re here now but guess what, I’m not really interested in going through more bullshit today so head inside and tell Carlos thanks but no thanks.”

“Excuse me I ain’t your fucking messenger and what the fuck you mean by bullshit,” She asks matching my anger.

“Not your fucking business, especially when I take your cousin’s fucking head and bust it open like a piñata and go looking for candy after the shit he just pulled,” I reply turning around and continuing my walk.

I can hear her walking after me but I ignore it as I figure she’s on the phone and either talking to Carlos in Spanish or trying to get a fast ride the fuck away from me. I start to get my iPod loaded up when the girl cuts me off again.

“Okay, I just talked to Carlos and he said that I need to bring you back inside so he can explain,” she says trying to take me by the shoulder.

“Get your fucking hand off me or my kind and friendly nature you’ve been seeing will turn really nasty,” I growl at her stopping dead in my tracks.

I watch her stop in her tracks and almost let go of my coat when I see her eyes, all fire and no hesitation. She throws one punch and I’m really going to be in for a fight, I thought Carlos knew how to hold his shit but this female has his fucking number from what I can see.

“Listen, I got roped into this because my cousin said you were a hard ass,” She starts in,” We met under some bad shit, your name is Guy, mine is Imelda. Now for the last time please come with me and afterwards we can get the fuck out of here.”

I should just walk away and leave this alone, every time people want to explain something it’s them trying to justify why they screwed you over. I shake Imelda’s hand off my shoulder and follow her back inside the mall. It takes us a minute to get back to the food court and I see everyone is more or less eating and chatting when all four of them see me and stop altogether. I keep a decent distance from their table and watch as Carlos decides to get up and approach me.

“Okay homes I know you’re pissed off but let me explain,” Carlos starts with his explanation,” I talked to Marta about the date, I really did. But she’s been with Romeo for a year now and didn’t want to go out with you, when you set up the date I called Imelda and asked her to be your date since I figured you two would get along. I know you’re upset but I just wanted a chance to really sit down and talk to Abby. Can you understand my point?”

“Yeah, I can understand. I understand that when we had this talk the first time you were all about a double date with Abigail and Marta. I also understand that while I held to my end of the date deal you fucking backed out and pulled a switch job without even trying to explain it to me,” I tell him getting more angry.

“I just didn’t want you to back out, can you at least be reasonable about this,” Carlos pleads trying to keep things under control.

“Reasonable, we make an agreement and you break it. Reasonable was me not beating the fucking shit out of your cheating ass when you got out of the theater,” I growl,” Doesn’t matter what you say now, you could have just told me days ago. I’m guessing the reason you keep your friends around you at school is so nobody kicks the shit out of your lying ass.”

I can see he’s torn by the idea of me beating the hell out of him or my telling Abigail what really happened. I look past him and see Abigail staring at me expectantly. I smile at Carlos and push past him motioning to Imelda to wait where she is.

“So I didn’t get the whole story straight the first time and now I need to get my date with Carlos’s cousin going so she doesn’t feel bad,” I tell Abigail putting on a more friendly face,” you make sure you have a good time and just call Mark when you need a ride home.”

I see Abigail nod and she takes my hand and squeezes it to let me know I’m being nice for her. I don’t even look at Marta and Romeo as I head back to Imelda. I glare down Carlos as I walk past and Imelda matches my pace as we start walking the mall.

“So what do we do now,” Imelda asks.

“I don’t give a fuck what we do, pick something,” I tell her still agitated.

I see Imelda’s face turn sour and she grabs my arm and drags me off to a public restroom hallway where there are no people walking around. As soon as we’re in the hall I watch her check the ends before getting shoved against the wall and slams her mouth into mine in an angry kiss. I’m not ready for a kiss but I let it go for a minute until she breaks it and stares me down a little.

“I like hard ass, hard ass is a real problem to find when all I get are out of high school pussies who think hard is football practice,” Imelda tells me,” Now I want a decent fucking date with some food and a movie before I take you back to my home and we have some good hot sex.”

I don’t know if I look it but in my head I’m stunned by the sheer level of pissed off and demanding that I have in front of me making her mission statement for the evening. It takes me a half a second to turn the tables and put her against the wall and slam my mouth into Imelda’s.

“I got the money but you need to decide where the fuck you want to go,” I tell her finally breaking the kiss.

I detangle from each other and have a few other teens staring, I generally ignore it but I watch as Imelda takes a few steps before stopping and staring at a guy.

“If you don’t stop looking at me I’ll take one of your fucking balls if I can find them,” Imelda growls as we leave the hall.

I let her decide on the movie, an action flick thank god. And it gives us enough time to eat at a little burger shop in the mall with real seating before the show. I let her order for herself and once we order I can tell she wants to talk so I finally take off my hood trying to open myself up to her.

“You had no clue I was your date for tonight. Nice one Carlos,” Imelda says or asks but I can’t tell which.

“Yeah, had no clue you even existed. Thought I was gonna get a chance to hit it off with Marta,” I reply,” but I don’t think kicking the shit out of Romeo would get her interested.”

Imelda chuckles at the statement. I tell her about this being just a fucked up vacation for me and that I’m not going to be around after five weeks. We discuss past relationships and when I bring up Heather and Derek I watch her get visibly angry.

“See that shit is why I don’t want my boyfriends to be hanging out with bitches I haven’t fought,” Imelda bursts out as our food is served.

“Well after that I got some better quality girlfriends and they really keep me level. Most of the time,” I tell her smirking.

“Oh shit you cheating on your girlfriend while you’re down here,” Imelda stopping the whole conversation.

I explain the relationship scenario to her and show her some of the pictures of the girls to help illustrate my honesty in the whole deal. She hands me my phone back and we resume eating. I pay the check and we get to the theater with a few minutes to spare. I check my clock and see it’s nine at night and shoot a text message off to Mark that I have shit taken care of for me and I’ll text him later when I’m out of the movie. I get a reply saying that he’s got Abigail in the car and that she’s smiling about the evening and he’ll tell her that I’m okay.

As we sit and watch the movie I notice the armrest get moved up and Imelda takes off her jean jacket and gets inside my coat forcing me to put my arm around her. We cuddle in and I decide to push my luck by letting my hand rest on Imelda’s chest. I feel her shift and take my hand off before putting it back inside her tank top giving me full access to her firm breast.

“I want to finish the movie so just relax and don’t fuck this up,” Imelda tells me still watching the screen.

I feel her nipple a little through her bra and it gets hard with a little rubbing before I just rest my hand around the whole thing and relax. I figure she’s a b cup but get distracted by the gunfight on screen and relax in a decent movie. Ninety minutes of guns and explosions is a hell of a lot better than bullshit drama for two hours and as we head out of the theater I watch Imelda put her jacket back on to cover her shoulders as we hit the parking lot. I go looking for a car or truck but get a little interested when Imelda leads me to a decent looking Yamaha motorcycle. I take the helmet she pulls out of the storage spot under the seat and fasten it on before taking my seat behind her and grip her hips with my hands as we head down the road.

I realize that I’ve never been on a bike before when at the first turn I feel her lean and when I don’t we wobble a little bit and she slows down so I can hear her yell at me to lean with her. I get the rhythm down and after about ten minutes of riding I can see we’re in a not so well off neighborhood as we pull into what I can assume is her place.

“Not the worst place I’ve been taken after a date,” I tell Imelda handing her back the second helmet.

“Yeah well my mom and I can’t afford better so it’s her palace, I just help with the bills,” Imelda tells me with a little bit of pride.

I follow her inside and it’s a lot cleaner than I thought as we head through the living room and into what I can assume is her bedroom in the back. I have just enough time to get inside before Imelda closes the door behind me and shoves me onto the bed and gets on top of me. I waste no time grabbing at her body and we jam our mouths together in a war for dominance. It’s dark but there’s just enough light from the outside that I can see her as we break from the kiss/fight and she sits up and pulls her jacket off and yanks her tank top off. I pull my arms out of my coat and quickly undo the buttons on my shirt when my phone lights up with a call. I push Imelda off and stand up answering the call.

“Guy where are you, Mark and Abigail are home but they said your date was late. Do you need a ride honey,” I get asked by Loretta before I can even say hello.

“No I’m fine, listen I’m really tired and will be home first thing in the morning I promise,” I tell Loretta as Imelda undoes my pants and takes my half hard cock out.

“Are you sure honey I can come where you are and get you later if you are still out having fun,” Loretta offers.

“It’ll be okay, I promise I’ll call if things go sideways on me and I need help,” I tell Loretta as I watch Imelda roll onto her back and take half my cock in her mouth while pulling her jeans and panties off.

“Alright well you have fun and be back soon tomorrow,” Loretta tells me ending the call.

I drop my phone onto my coat and grab Imelda’s breasts with my hands causing her to moan on my cock. I can see down Imelda’s whole body in the low light as she works my cock and crawl up the bed keeping my cock in her mouth and once I get my face in position start to tongue her clit slowly. Imelda’s pussy has some fine little hairs and tastes salty in a good way; I can feel her pause for a second before resuming her ‘job’ as we get into a groove with our sixty nine.

“Okay, get up and lay on your back,” Imelda tells me taking my cock out of her mouth.

I decide to comply with her request and roll onto my back only to have her take my head and straddle my face with her pussy.

“I’m gonna fuck your face raw,” Imelda tells me pulling my mouth to her clit.

I figure it’s good to give a little so I grab her hips with my hands and bury my tongue in Imelda’s pussy hole. I can feel her tense up but I hold her like a vice as she starts to grab at my hands for something to hold onto after pawing at my head for hair I don’t have. I hear her moaning and with her accent it’s really sexy and I bring one hand all the way around Imelda’s him and start rubbing her clit speed up my tongue lapping at her pussy. The new sensation get’s Imelda talking to me in Spanish but since she’s not slapping me I speed up till she starts thrashing and bucking against my face. It takes about a minute but I feel her pussy contract a little on my tongue as Imelda’s entire body locks up with her first orgasm.

I roll her onto her side and get my face out of Imelda’s pussy as she starts to catch her breath. I can see she’s relaxing but I’m not in the mood to wait as I move up to Imelda’s head and after turning her to face my cock shove the whole length into her mouth. The first blowjob was good but now I’m gonna get off and she’s gonna take it like I did for her. I grip the hair on the back of Imelda’s head and start fucking her face hard and fast. I can feel Imelda gag but she doesn’t freak out like I’ve had happen before, it takes me a second but I see as I’m fucking her face she’s already fingering her pussy. I keep one hand on her head as I take the other and pinch her nipple. I can start to feel that tingle as I hammer Imelda’s face with my cock and decide to go for broke forcing my cock all the way into her mouth and shooting cum directly into her throat.

As I’m cumming I feel Imelda’s hands go to the one on her head and getting me to loosen up my grip a little as she resumes bobbing her mouth on my cock. I place my hand on the wall to keep my balance as Imelda works the last of my cum out of my cock before letting me fall out of her mouth.

“If I ever meet any of your girlfriends I’m thanking them,” Imelda gasps sitting up from her bed a little.

“Who knows what will happen,” I reply lying down on my back.

I start to catch my breath but Imelda seems to have other ideas as she shifts her body around and starts sucking my cock again. It’s almost painful having cum so hard only to have her sucking on me and I almost try to stop her but decide to let her work at it. The ‘pain’ subsides and Imelda has me hard again and pulls me up from lying down. I watch as she turns around and I get on my knees as she backs her ass up to my cock before taking the head and lining it up with her pussy hole.

“Now don’t take your time and fuck me hard,” Imelda tells me turning her head so I can see her smirk.

I take her hips in my hands and slam the length of my cock deep into her pussy getting a moan from both of us. Imelda’s pussy is slick and soaked in her cum making my next thrust even easier than the first. I don’t hit bottom but I’m balls deep in her pussy and start working my cock in and out in hard, long strokes. I can see she likes it but she looks back at me almost asking if I’m getting tired. I get the idea and after backing my cock a few inches out of Imelda’s pussy reach my left hand up and take a handful of her black hair in my fist and violently pull her head back while slamming my cock inside. She grunts at the first thrust but I don’t stop going all out hard, fast and deep. I can see her face a little as I turn her head; it’s all contorted in pain and pleasure. We’re both grunting and moaning as I fuck Imelda’s pussy trying either breaking it or hitting bottom. I take my right hand a slap Imelda’s ass cheek with a quick slap which get’s her attention fast. Another slap and she grabs my hand and pulls me forward to get me a little deeper inside her. I can feel myself getting closer to orgasm as she starts muttering something in Spanish, I shake my hand with her hair in it and feel her start to gush onto my cock which sends me over my limit and I fall forward with the last thrust burying my cock deep inside Imelda’s pussy, collapsing her body onto the bed and lying down on top of her back still grunting and shooting into her pussy.

I don’t know how long we lay there with me on top of her but somewhere along the way I fall out of Imelda’s pussy and manage to roll my body off her back, trying to catch my breath. I finally look over at Imelda to see she’s looking at me lazily and smiling.

“Well was that something to take back with you when you head back home,” Imelda asks grinning mischievously.

“Yeah, still gonna kick the shit out of Carlos but that was defiantly worth it,” I tell her rolling onto my side and putting an arm across her back.

“Yeah well in the morning I’m gonna get more of that cock in me,” Imelda tells me softly,” just want it slow and sweet tomorrow, got a problem with that?”

I roll her onto her side and spoon up behind Imelda as she starts to doze off. I still owe Carlos payback for screwing around with me about the date but more importantly I need to focus on what to do with Abigail. I know she likes the attention he’s giving her but do I really want to hurt her with the truth about him and me just to make him feel like shit. Fuck it, I’ll figure this shit out tomorrow after I get home and with that I drift off to sleep.

You’re not done with me yet fans, I know a lot of people have been worried about me quitting in the middle of the story. Not gonna happen, I’m just taking more time putting them out and I want to tell the people who pm me that I did listen to you and love the positive feedback. And to the guy who decided to pm me with the sex criticism, yes you were right. The scenes were too short and not descriptive like they used to be, now shut up. More parts to come and longer parts at that, any questions?

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