Trixie's Big Case Ch 1 Trixie's Debrief

Trixie's Big Case Ch 1 Trixie's Debrief

Trixie’s Big Case

Chapter 1

Trixie’s Debrief

Trixie Daniels parked outside the Black New World Order HQ. She adjusted her makeup in the mirror, her lips dark red and lipstick slightly smeared. She laughed when she recalled how her perp barely had the equipment required to even slightly smear her lip liner.

“Stupid little white boys” she said to herself with a chuckle.

She looked down at her small breasts as she adjusted her too tight tube top. I didnt even have to take these out to get the job done, she thought to herself. Her breasts were small for a 22 year old woman, only A cups, but thats why she was so effective. White boys had tiny little dicks and wanted them young. Her job was to stop unauthorized white breeding at all costs, and she took her job very seriously.

She glanced at the seat next to her. Her attache case with a biohazard emblem emblazoned on the case. Now comes her favorite part, she gets to debrief her successful mission to the Chief. Just thinking about being one on one with him made her tight white pussy wet. Thinking ahead she reached under her miniskirt and pulled her soaked panties off and threw them in the glovebox.

“No need for those”, she said, checking her makeup one last time and admired the hardness of her nipples in the mirror which were diamond hard in anticipation of what was to come. She had to look perfect for her black master.

Trixie grabbed her bio bag and walked to the entrance. She stopped under the sign that read “Black New World Order”. This is why you work so hard girl, she thought to herself, then continued into the building.

Trixie was a stunning young woman. Barely out of college with a double Master in African American Studies and Criminal Justice she had been recruited heavily by by the newly formed Federal Breeding Institute, the organization that regulates nation breeding policy. A cheerleader from the time she could walk Trixie was what was called a “flyer”. These are the girls at the top of this pyramid, usually the smallest girls on the squad. Trixie turned down dozens of scholarship offers from large predominantly white universities and chose the radical Black university Alton State, home of the Fighting Black Bulls.

Trixie had just turned 18 and left for her weekend visit to Alton taking her wimpy white boyfriend

Charles with her as a goof. Charles came from money and much to Trixie’s chagrin he did not know his place, despite having a tiny 4.5 inch white boy penis. Trixie was still a virgin before the trip despite Charles constant begging. Even at just 18 Trixie knew it was a sin to fuck white boys. She would jack him off while they watched interracial porn, laughing at his little spurts then smearing his disgusting white boy sperm on his chest.

“Dont fuckin clean it off”! Trixie had yelled at him as he turned the shower on.

“But---but I have to go to work I---”, the white boy stammered, his 4 incher still rock hard.

“And you’ll go to work smelling like the cum pig you are”, she said, matter of factly.

Trixie laughed recalling the scene in her head. Last she had heard about Charles was when he called her on his 21st birthday so excited about the removal of his testicles. She was happy for him but remembering back she was busy with two Alton football players at the time.

Trajen the star wide receiver and Dajuan the massive offensive lineman had had their eyes on the sexy little blonde cheerleader for months and now they had her right where they wanted her, on her knees sucking their big black cocks. The tiny, one hundred pound blonde choked and gagged all over Trajen’s long black dick. Her spittle rolling past her red lips onto his onyx ballsack.

With an obscene SLLLLLLUUUURP the blonde disengaged from Trajen’s 11 inch ebony fuckstick and focused on Dajuans massive member. Dajaun was 6’8” and 324 pounds. He knew he was fat but the white sluts loved him anyway and Trixie was no exception. Out of all of the black studs at Alton State Dajuan was her favorite. His 9 inch black rod wasnt as long as Trajen’s but it was twice as thick with a bulbous purple head. Best yet, Dajuans black beast was uncircumcised. Trixie recalled rubbing her tongue along Dajuans foreskin and how she could cum just from the pleasure she was giving this black king.

As she walked into the office she laughed at these old memories...even on Charles proudest day, the day he eliminated himself from the gene pool, her memories were still of her fond times at college, being the sluttiest snowbunny on campus.

“Agent Daniels you’re back? Howd it go?”, Officer Kimble, the stocky black woman behind the desk asked Trixie.

Still reliving her black cock adventures in her head Trixie had to catch herself.

“Oh I---yes I’m back Officer Kimble”, Trixie sat the bio bag on the counter and nodded, “yeah mission was a success, one less problem. Is the Chief in?”

“He’s in but theres a wait, five minutes or so”, Kimble replied.

Trixie shrugged, “How’s the show tonight”?, she asked.

“See for yourself”, Kimble replied...pushing a button to a door with a red light at the end of the hall.

Trixie smiled and walked through the door.

The first thing that Trixie noticed was the heat. Humid. It hit her like a wave and made her already sweaty, post case clothing even wetter. Her tiny tube top was now completely see through her nipples and pink areola stood out like erasers for all to see.

Once her body adjusted to the climate the sounds and smells hit her simultaneously and her pussy somehow got even wetter. The sounds were everywhere and the smell divine. It smelled of sex, powerful black men having there way with young women. Strictly over 18 of course but this was clearly some college party that was busted. Silly white frat boys think just because they have some money they get to breed. Busting up these parties has to be done to maintain proper breeding practices.

Once the parties are busted the BNWO police take them back to HQ and offer the proper training on why young women are not no breed with tiny white boys, or any males other than the approved black men, which of course is any black man.

Being an agent of the BNWO Secret Police Trixie knows the protocol. These poor girls are around 19 0r 20 or so and just werent raised properly. Trixie thanks her stars everyday her aunt Sheila told her the truth about black cock when she was young or she could have ended up like these poor souls.

There were four cells in the scolding pinsTrixie figured she could check out each pin to prepare for her meeting with the Chief.

The closer Trixie got to the pins the louder the sounds became.

“FUCK ME WITH YOU BIG BLACK COCK!!!” yelled the chubby Asian girl in the first pin.

Trixie shook her head, Its not just white girls that we have failed to reach, she thought to herself.

The girl was about 19 with long straight black hair which, was currently being pulled by Officer Stokley a lanky rookie cop with a 12 inch black dick. His massive organ was currently about ⅔ of the way into the Asian girls tight shaven pussy.

“I cant I cant---its too big”, the chubby girl whimpered with tears in her eyes putting her hand back to keep Stokley from going any deeper.

SMACK! The officer slapped her big ass leaving a hand shaped print on her ample rear.

“DID YOU SIGN THE PAPER BITCH”? Officer Stokley asked.

“Y--yes” the chubby girl replied sheepishly.

“And whats the papers say hoe”? The Officer asked.

“That Im yours” the girl replied.

The Asian girl yelped as Stokely pulled back on her black hair and ran his big black hands along her neck and large titties. Trixie noticed her areolas were almost the same color as her smooth light brown skin. Trixie began to play with her pussy watching this scene….jealous of the awakening this nameless Asian citizen was having.

“And what are you”, Stokley demanded as he thrust his entire 12 inches into his Asian whore.

“A BLACK COCK SLUT”, she yelled as the force of each thrust made a SLAP sound when Stokley struck home, “Im a black cock slut...Im a black cock slut….Im a black cock slut” the girl whispered her big ass and titties swaying with every thrust.

This Stokley is quite a fine officer Trixie thought to herself watching this skinny black man dominate this wayward young lady. Stokley must have felt her eyes because he looked up and made eye contact with the Agent not missing a beat as if he was a literal fuck machine.

When Trixie saw the intensity in Officer Stokley’s dark eyes she couldnt stop herself from putting her finger inside her dripping pussy.

Stokely smiled and broke of the eye contact. The ebony officer laughed to himself knowing even though Agent Trixie was a senior agent he could still fuck her raw any time he wanted. That was progress he thought as his big black nuts slapped his Asian students hard clit making the chubby slut yell out about how she would never fuck anything other than black dick.

Trixie enjoyed watching the Asian girl’s transformation from a naive teen to a true black cock slut. The Agent smiled content that the system worked.

Trixie moved on to the next pin and was overcome by the intense wailing of the beautiful blonde woman who was undergoing her own training.

The noises coming from this stall were something Trixie hadnt heard before and once she arrived to the door and checked the file she understood why...this was a special case.

Inside Scolding Pin 2 was Angelica Norse, a highly sought after fugitive who had birthed 3 white babies (only one boy thankfully) and was a leader for the ever dwindling white supremacist

movement. Upon looking closer Trixie did recognize the white cunt.

She was a beautiful tall blonde with long hair and large breasts. Despite her three children her body was amazing full D cup white breasts, slightly saggy but clearly natural topped with large pink nipples. When Trixie looked a little closer she saw it...Angelica’s famous tattoo. The filthy white cow still had her swastika tattoo proudly displayed on her left shoulder. Trixie knew enough to know that would be covered up by a spade in no time.

Angelica was in a daze. She was surrounded by black men of all shapes and sizes none with a cock smaller than 8 inches, the standard requirement to be BNWO PD. The blonde was on her knees in this dirty pin licking the biggest black nuts she had ever seen and despite all her years of Aryan bullshit brainwashing she was loving every single minute of it.

“That right you racist bitch lick all on my balls with that pink tongue”, said the officer currently getting a tongue bath from this Nazi slut. The officer raised his leg and shifted his weight placing his big dark ass cheeks right in the face of this poster child for white supremacy.

“You know what to do bitch”, the large black man said.

“Yes master”, Angelica replied, as she spread the black man’s dark ass cheeks and began desperately licking her black captors asshole, greedily licking around his puckered hole and trying to get her pink tongue as far into his black ass as possible.


His big black ass cheeks and her spit and suction combined to make such a unique sound.

“Officer Moe gonna turn you out now hoe”?, the officer asked the cock drunk blonde.

“Yes my black master” the statuesque blonde replied. “Fuck my white pussy. I want you to cleanse me of all my sins I---”

“You gotta lotta sins you filthy bitch”, replied Moe rubbing his growing 10 inch member.

Angelica looked around the room at the 8 maybe 9 big black men ready to teach her a lesson about diversity. She smiled and said “Im willing to pay for all of willing to let any black man in this station have me….women too. I dont deserve mercy”

“And you aint gonn get it from us you dirty white bitch” Officer Moe yelled as he positioned himself behind her and stood her up a little. Her weight was leaning forward but a multitude of black officers and their throbbing ebony rods, were there to help her balance her as Moe positioned his 10 inch coke can thick black cock at the opening of her dripping white cunt.

“FUCK ME PLEEEEEASE”, the nordic blonde begged the black officer, “I NEED YOUR BLACK COCK….I need you to change me...forever”, Angelica begged.

In one powerful thrust Officer Moe shoved his entire ten inch member into Angelica’s white cunt.

“AYYYYYYYYEYYYYEEEEE”, the blonde whore cried out.

Trixie was entranced at this scene of justice playing out before her eyes and had completely succumbed to her medical condition commonly known as Black Cock Vertigo. Sometimes her mind just becomes so focused on black cocks, especially when theres so many around, that she blacks out for a while with no knowledge of her actions….and dammnit if the training of Angelica Norse didnt cause her BCV to flare up.

When Trixie came to she was standing at the cell door of Angelica’s Scolding Pin her young body pressed against the bars. She opened her eyes and realized she was making out with a black officer she had never even seen before. Her tube top was rolled up and his black hands were pinching her big pink nipples. His big black shaft was a good 9 inches and easily had enough length to reach Agent Daniels rock hard clit. As if by pure instinct Trixies small white hand reached out and guided the thick black cock head to rest on her pink clitoris.

“AAAAHHHHH” the agent exclaimed as the junior officer moved his kisses down her white neck and bit her pink nipple. Sucking her entire A cup into his black mouth. Trixie was a black cock slut in heaven.

“AGENT DANIELS”! Officer Kimble yelled, breaking Trixie out of her BCV trance. “Agent Daniels the Chief is waiting on you and you in here bein a hoe? You got it bad girl”.

“Oh I---I dont”, Trixie stammered trying to gain her senses.

“White girl got that BCV” one of the black men in Angelica’s pin exclaimed. Laughter poured out over Angelicas yelps and moans.

The young black officer only smiled, “You got that Vertigo girl? Thats what it was?”, as he pointed down to his ragin black manhood still dripping with precum from teasing her clit.

“I---well yes I have BCV but I” Trixie looked at the strapping young officer, “Its not just that Officer---?”

“Owen. James Owen.”, the black man smiled back as the Senior Agent adjusted herself.

“Yes Officer Owen I---think we can follow up another time”, the petite blonde said as she pulled her skirt down and tried to wipe Officer Owen’s precum off of her favorite skirt.

“Bet that” Officer Owen replied as her turned to join his squad as they taught Ms Norse her lessons.

“You white girls really aint shit” Officer Kimble chuckled as she helped Trixie adjust herself. “Get you white oes around a decent piece of black meat an you go flat crazy”

Trixie held Officer Kimble’s hands, “Thank you...we have more pressing matter at hand. If the Chief is ready to see me lets head that way.”

The two walked quickly past the last couple of Scolding Pins. Trixie stopped for a second at the first, two average looking white girls were greedily servicing a large black cock. An obese fat man sat in bewteen the two whores.

“Hey Trixie” the enormous man waived to Agent Daniels.

“Oh hi Dajuan good to see you! still love you job I see” the blonde replied.

The fat black man shrugged, “Whats not to love” as the two white girls take turns gagging and slurping on his tremendous black rod.

“Thanks again for puting in the good word”, Dajaun yelled as Trixie and Officer Daniels walked to the exit past the last cell which contained three white boys, probably all from the same party the girls were from. All the pathetic piggies had their little dicks out. One sat in the corner and cried while he masturbated trying to reach thru to the cell where Dajaun was begin worshipped. The other two pathetic white pigs had diverted to sucking each other’s tiny pink wee wees. Trixie laughed THE FUCKING SYSTEM WORKS she thought to herself again.

Officer Kimble led Trixie to the biggest office in the BNWO HQ. It belonged to her boss who everyone called “The Chief”. He was the brains behind this whole endeavor. He was the one who recruited Trixie Daniels straight out of little Alton State. This was the debrief for her first big case and she was nervous.Officer Kimble had seen this before, the Chief scared little white girls like Trixie.

“Relax baby”, the black woman calmed the Agent, “hes in a good mood and the case was successful right?”

“Well yes but...I just earlier with Officer Owen and I wanted this to be perfect and I---”, the blonde was on the verge of tears, not wanting to disappoint her black master.

“Shhhhh” the black officer soothed, “girl nothing is perfect. Just go in there and do your best. You’ll be fine”

Trixie smiled up at Kimble. Nodded then knocked on the big oak door.

“Enter”, boomed the voice from behind the large desk. The voice belonged to her boss, Rufus Washington, also known as the Chief. Trixie’s tight pussy was immediately gushing just hearing his deep voice.

Trixie was too horny, she couldnt think she couldnt move her pussy was so wet and all she could think about was her bosses big black cock coiled in his designer slacks.

“Agent Daniels do you have news for me”, the Chief asked more sternly.

Trixie snapped out of her trance, narrowly avoiding another BCV episode. She walked forward and presented the bio bag to her boss.

“He put up a fight”?, the giant black man asked patting his desk to indicate she should sit near him.

Trixie complied, sitting on the corner of Rufus’ desk, her wet pussy plainly visible to her superior black boss. Trixie even adjusted herself just to be sure the black man had a perfect view of her tight white pussy.

“Not really”, the blond replied, “I met him on Tinder went on a date. I knew he had a tiny white dicklette before he even sent me these”, Trixie opened a file and showed various print outs to her boss of pictures of a small white penis. They both began laughing as the Chief moved his huge black hand onto Trixie’s white thigh, inching ever toward her hungry white pussy.

“So anyway after one of our dates we went back to his place. Once he pulled out his little white worm I almost broke my cover...I barely kept from laughing.” the blonde secret agent continued as Rufus’ big black fingers found her warm pussy. She winced slightly as he entered her but immediately spread her pale white legs apart further, welcoming his ebony digits into her moist warm white cunt..

Trixie continued her debrief through her low moans and whimpers. Her black king was expertly moving his long thick black fingers in her soaking wet white pussy.

“I jacked him off and edged him, told him the plan and he promised to comply as he climaxed his little watery dribbles inferior cum” Trixie said as she gyrated her hips grinding her pelvis to his touch trying to get more of his long black fingers inside of her blonde cunt.

“I showed him my badge after he came and he knew the jig was up”, she smiled as her black stud boss brought her to her first climax, “the little white shit started crying saying he didnt mean to break the rules” the two shared a hearty laugh at that disclosure.

“Then the medical response team came in and took care of his little bitty white balls and”, the petite blonde agent reached into the bio bag and pulled out a metal container placing them on the

desk, “mission accomplished” she said beaming at her huge black boss.

“Do you need to see them”, the tiny white girl asked her boss.

“No Trixie...I trust you wouldnt lie to me” the black man growled as he stood from his chair.

“No my black master...I would never lie to you”, replied the blonde as she drank in the magnitude of the black man standing before her.

Trixie Daniels is 4”11’ and only 95 pounds. Standing before her was her boss, the Chief, the man who created the BNWO Secret Service of which she was a proud new member. Rufus Washington stood 6 foot 8 inches tall and weighed close to 280. A solidly built black man in his fifties he was sitll just 9% body fat.

Trixie watched as Rufus removed his shirt, his taught black muscles gleaming in the lamplight of his office. He stopped at his belt buckle. Trixie reacted like an eager child getting her first pick of Halloween candy and quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled down his slacks but when she tried to look up at her masters cock she found she couldnt. The Chief had put his strong black hand on the back of her blonde head. He was in charge. Even though she was a good agent she needed to know the rules.

“Hold on bitch”, the Chief said, “you dont get to see my big black dick until I tell you you do you understand”, he bellowed.

Trixie, understanding her place as a white whore she complied. “Yes my master...I...forgive me for being too eager”.

“Thats right white girl….you dont wanna be too eager fuck around and pass out on me….I wanna make your reward last and looooooong time. Dont you want that? Do you want your reward you white slut?”, the Chief jeered.

“Yes Master more than anything I want my reward. Please! I need your big black cock to stretch my little white pussy….didnt I do good sir”?, she asked tears welling up in her big blue eyes, “I live to serve my black masters didnt I do good getting rid of that white piggie’s balls”?

The Chief was a fair man and removed his hand from the back of Trixies blonde head. Trixie wisely continued to stare at the floor, knowing she must wait for permission to accept her reward.

“I have removed my hand but you have not convinced me you want your just reward for your job well done Agent Daniels”, the hulking black stud replied. Trixie’s head and face were just a few inches from the Chief’s gigantic black cock. The tiny blonde woman could feel the heat emanating off his superior black genitals. Her pussy yearned to be filled and her mouth watered

thinking about her inevitable feast of black cock, balls and ass.

“Please my master,” she begged, “all I want is your big black cock. Its all I ever wanted. Ever since you found me in college and taught me the way”.

“And what way is that girl”, the black man said as he lifted her chin with his finger so she could look up at him with her watery blue tear filled eyes. Her mascara ran down her face as a little trickle of tears flowed down her pale white face.

“That all white girls belong to black men”, the educated blonde agent stated matter of factly, “That fucking tiny white boys is a waste of time and energy so its better to just take their balls and deliver them to my black kings for disposal”.

The Chief smiled and looked down lovingly at Trixie. Slowly he reached down and took her small white hand and placed it on the growing bulge in his tight white briefs. Trixie loved how this older black man still wore “tightie whiteys” as she called them.

“Take your reward girl”, The Chief said, “but do it right”.

Enthusiastically the blonde began kissing the Chiefs big black meat though his underwear, smearing her lipstick all over the white fabric. Rufus’ black rod responded by growing even larger and creating a tent out of his briefs. What a tent it was! The Chief had to be at least 12 inches and painfully thick.

The Chief’s big black cock oozed precum out of its uncircumsized head making the thin white fabric almost transparent and Trixie greedily went in mouth first for a taste of he boss’ black jism. She opened her pink mouth as wide as she could as she throated the first four inches of Rufus’ donkey sized dick moving down as far as she could till she gagged and spit and drool went all over her lovers undergarment.

“Lets get rid of these shall we?”, Rufus said, “Would you like to unwrap your gift you white whore”?

Without even answering the young blonde ripped the Chiefs drool covered briefs threw them on the ground and jammed as much of his black cock as she could into her waiting throat. Rufus was as big around as a beer can and the blonde ex-cheerleader struggled with every inch. The more she worked the wetter that black fuckpole got along with her pussy which she was feverishly fingering.

Drool and spit ran down the 5 inches of thick black dick that the little white girl just couldnt fit into her mouth….a long sloppy glob of white girl spit and black precum mixed together dribbled down the Chiefs ballooning cum filled black balls….the more Trixie worked her boss’ big black shaft the more that drool mixture dripped down onto her tiny white tittles which were still covered by

her sweaty and wet tube top….her big nipples got excited when the wet warm goo dribbled onto her body causing her to shudder. With all her determination she grabbed Rufus’ slimy hanging black nutsack and pulled his amazing organ closer to her petite white frame in one last effort to deep throat the magnificent ebony cock that had become her sole purpose in life.

Despite her valiant effort the tiny bonde only managed to throat 9 of the Chiefs 12 incher before she gasped for air as she released his wet black dick from her mouth.

“Haha almost darling”, the black giant chuckled smiling down at his white whore. “Do you want me to fuck your lil blonde pussy Trixie”?

Wiping the drool from her face and spreading it down her flat chest the blonde was completely zoned out. Rufus had seen this before she was completely drunk off his black cock. Trixie writhed and moaned fingering her wet pussy and smeared the precum and spit mixture obscenely all over her small breasts but stopped to pinch her rock hard nipples. In her haste to please her black stud boss she hadnt even taken her tube top off. The spit and precum from her frantic cocksucking had ruined her small top. But with the amazing black pipe before her she didnt care. The blonde woman ripped her tiny top off and threw it to the ground stood up, all 4’11” of her, grabbed her black boss’ 12 inch cock and looked him in the eyes.

“Fuck me please”, her blue eyes peiercing the older black mans eyes pleading for his amazing member. “I need your black cock in my pussy. I deserve it”

“Oh you deserve it huh white girl”?, Rufus seemed agitated, “show me your fuckin badge hoe”, the Chief said forecefully.

Trixie complied pulling up her soaked skirt to fully expose her blonde white pussy. The Chief preferred she keep some hair for his pleasure and she obeyed her black master’s wishes. She leaned back on the Chief’s desk and spread her legs. The now completely naked black man bent down and gently used his large black fingers to move away some of her blonde pubic hair so he could read her badge number. There just above her swollen pink clit was a small queen of spades tattoo with the numbers A - 13 below it in small writing.

“These agent badges are my favorite”, the black hulk said as he began rubbing his turgid purple cockhead against the little white girls clitoris and spade tattoo spreading his stick pungent precum all over his small white subordinate’s pussy.

Moaning loudly Trixie can barely say, “I want a bigger one, I want everyone to know I'm a black cock slut daddy….I want to be used and bred by any and all black men I---”

“Not just yet my dear”, the Chief retorted, “you’re far too effective at trapping these little white boys”, he cooed as he squeezed two big sticky drops of precum out of his uncircumcised onyx cockhead onto her blonde pussy. “For now you have to remain our secret little black cock

whore”, he continued as he penetrated her tight wet white pussy for the first time.

Trixie let out a loud animalistic wail as she had an immediate orgasm upon the first inch of her boss black cock entering her tight body. Her orgasm had built up, from her mission to her vertigo moment in the Scolding Pins, her white pussy was so frustrated her release was immediate and intense. As she began to black out all she could think about was the fact that she had done a damn good job and deserved this reward.

Rufus’ 12 inch majestic black cock struck home to the hilt with almost no resistance. The Chief was a hung like a mule but Trixie had so much experience with giant black cocks that her tight pussy was like elastic for her big black kings. Its why she was so effective as a field agent. Even after this fuck fest with her black stud her pussy will snap back to white boy tight in a few days. These were the last coherent thoughts before she blacked out completely after her 4th orgasm.

When Agent Daniels came to she was lying in a bed across from the Chief who was stark naked, seated in a large chair in a hotel bedroom. Howd i get to this hotel she thought, “stupid BCV” she whispered. Unsure if Rufus heard her.

Rufus looked up and lit a cigar. He raised it to his thick lips and he played with his semi-flaccid but still 8 inch black dick.

“Good Morning Agent Daniels, glad you decided to join us”, said the black man.

“Us?”, Trixie exclaimed, still a little foggy from her BCV spell. For behind her stepped Officer Owen, fully nude. The 6’4” dark black man with a hard 9 inch black dick which he stroked slowly while staring at Trixie.. Trixie’s white girl instincts took over and she recovered immediately.

“What goin on Chief?”, the pert blonde agent asked her master as she motioned the rookie officer to her bedside. To which he complied immediately. The agent could smell his sex.

“Got a new mission for you, flying out in three days” the Chief said between heavy puffs on his cigar his big black cock jumping as the small white girl worshipfully ran her tiny hands over Officer Owen’s big black ass. Trixie grabbed the file.

Glancing over the file the young agent scanned the basics, never taking her eyes off the file between puffs on Officer James Owen’s 9 inch black cock. Chief Rufus smiled as she mimicked her mentor.

“Damn shame, 3 beautiful white sisters and two of them may be white pregnant”?, Trixie sat up and for a moment took her hands off of James’ black body.

Once she got situated James walked up on the bed and pointed his big black member just

inches from the blondes pretty little face. Trixie reached up and began caressing the underside of the black mans balls and taint. Massaging his undercarriage after she spit on her tiny white hands.

“Whats the plan”?, Trixie asked as she pulled James’ enormous black shaft into her mouth, going as far as she could maxing out at 7 of his 9 but she knew she could get that last two inches. It was her duty as a white whore. The white slut swirled her tongue around the glands of her black Officer’s girthy cock, moving his precum onto his shaft so she could inch her way down his thick dark rod. As she worked her magic on his ebony fuck pole the blonde could hear the Chief explain her mission. But the white slut was far more interested in pleasing her black studs cock.

“Agent are you payin attention to me?!”, the Chief was angry, standing next to the bed and fully erect. His 12 inch uncircumcized cock was oozing thick drops of precum onto trixie’s tiny white body. Realizing his gift the blonde woman dutifully rubbed the black mans precum onto her abs then raised her hand to her pretty face and sucked her fingers savoring the taste of two black men on her pink tongue.

“Im listening boss, the youngest is our informant right? The redhead? 18?”, Trixie was in a frenzy, she needed dick and she needed it now, “but I concentrate better if Im not so horny sir.”

The Chief motioned to Owens to move and situated himself in between the legs of his newest agent. “Thats right Agent, Tammi, the youngest of the Omalley sisters. She just graduated High school and heads off to college this fall. She the one that told us about her sisters’....problems”

The Chief opened a file and showed the blonde agent Tammi’s profile. Tammi was a bigger girl but not fat. “Thick” was what the black boys called it. And boy did they call it. Tammi’s profile read like a who’s who of local black boys that had had their turn on the voluptuous redheaded teen.

“And the other two are willingly having unsanctioned sex with disgusting white peepees”? Trixie asked between deep throat attempts. She almost got it this last time before gagging and spewing drool all over her black stud. James was getting close to orgasm, Trixie knew how to treat a big black cock.

“Thats it agent, meet up with Tammi and fix the other two”, the Chief said as he eased into her inviting wet white cunt. Immediately Trixie screamed onto James dick as the Chief eased his black cock into her white fuckhole. His black dick was perfect. Her mind was going blank as the black cock inside her grew even bigger and harder than before. Trixie opened her mouth and slammed her head all the way down to his big black balls. She had 12 inches of big black bull cock in her pussy and nine full inches of black cock down her white throat. She held her breath as long as she could till an orgasm washed over her tiny white body. Her A cup titties trembling at the power of two black bulls.

Her trembling white body triggered James 9 incher to cum. “AHHHHH you filthy white bitch”, the younger Officer exclaimed as his magnificent black tool pumped load after load into Trixies small white mouth. The Agent struggled but successfully swallowed every drop of James Owen’s precious nubian sperm.

With a sloppy SLURP the blonde released James still hard penis and looked down her body, admiring her pink nipples, flat belly and of course, the 12 inch black cock as it ruined per white pussy. Trixie looked to the Chief’s face and between her moans and whimpers said two simple words..

“Im in”

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I had just started working in the archives at a large communications company when I met the hottest forty-five years old woman I’d ever seen. She worked in the Music Clearance department and her name was Jane. She was about five ten, 130 lbs, with an hourglass figure that made my dick hard the every time I ever saw her. We would chat in the hallway and I would see here around some, but never thought I’d get her alone, much less fget to uck her. One day she was walking down the hall rubbing her neck, and I asked if...


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Sensuous Female

Name: Susan Dini Age: 36 Race: Caucasian Measurements: Bust 34,Waist 25, Hips 35 Height: 5'-4 Weight: 120lbs. I have been sexually active for 19 years having had my first sexual experiences at the age of 15.I am happy to say that I have a very high level of sexual drive. There are some who might consider me a nymphomaniac, however I consider my sex drive very healthy. There are times, although thankfully not very often, when I am lethargic about sex. I cannot even begin to guess how many sexual partners I have had over the years. I cannot even guess...


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Breeding Lord Ablington an heir

I was idling the day away waiting for lunch when I heard the dreadful news, Alan Lord Ablington had fallen from his horse at Monday morning’s hunt and was quite dead. Tommy Goodfellow had stopped by on his way to Abbotsford on that Tuesday morning to tell us as he knew of my former acquaintance with Lady Ablington I felt a mixture of emotions. Lord Ablington had recently wooed and then married my childhood sweetheart one Miss Amy Merry of whom I remained immensely fond, one could not blame her, Ablington owned most of the village and plenty more besides while...


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Cindy looked in the mirror and after staring at her out sized form for several seconds, broke down in tears as her rolls of fat began shaking gently in time with her sobs!!! While she wasn’t really tall, she packed a very hefty two hundred fifty five p?}?ounds on her large boned frame, and as she sobbed away, her huge breasts, that hung nearly to her waist jiggled back and forth as the tears rolled down her cheeks all the way down to her nipples!!! It had be so long since she’d had a man that she once joked to herself...


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My stepbrother

I think its so sweet when my step brother Kevin gives his girlfriend his stuff. He's given her his favorite hat, which he is EXTREMELY protective of. Like, never lets anyone even touch it. He's always going on about how its perfect and it is practically molded to fit his head, and he gave it to her. He also gave her his favorite jacket and he always lets her borrow his lucky karma beads. These things have been his lucky charm for three years. He never takes them off and he hates it when people touch them. He would do anything...


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The Samurai Lovers

In medieval Japan, in the province of Yedo, there lived a young samurai named Ukyo who pined day after day for the love of the handsomely beautiful Uneme. To Ukyo, Uneme was as perfect of a man as he had ever seen. He was young, like him, only sixteen at the most and had the longest sheet of shining black for hair. His face was smooth, free of cuts, blemishes, and as soft as cream which made him look far more youthful that he really was. When he would practice with Samanosuke, another young samurai, Ukyo would watch, as his small...


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In the Middle of the Middle of September

For no particularly fascinating reason I found myself staying with my aunt Renee. In the coming month, I would either move back east or move into the condo my mother was in the process of buying, just in case I needed a little buffer time. 
I already knew I needed buffer time. I also needed the buffer time to fully explain the situation to her. I had at a certain point and time, figured out who I was suppose to be and the sooner I could get to that point and stop being who I currently was, the better for me...


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Every guys dream_(1)

Ever since I was a little boy I've always loved wearing girl's clothes. I remember going through my mother's lingerie drawer and trying on her panties and bras. I loved the way the silky sheer material felt against my body. As I got older I had less opportunities to indulge in my fetish until I got married. When my wife was away or at work I would wear her panties and bras while I masturbated. Luckily she was as tall as I was so the fit was pretty close. I would encourage her to buy plenty of sexy lingerie knowing that...


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Deployment Fantasy

I want to tell you all about my deployment to Turkey. I was lonely and didn't feel like doing the same as all the other guys. You know talking to girls back state side hoping that I could set something up for when I get back. I was in a room with 8 guys in 4 bunk beds, and I wanted to find someone who was stationed here with their own room. Maybe even a house. So I went to the yard sale group on Facebook and started looking through the members list for a friend. Who knows, maybe I knew...


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Chapter 3 of my series; Rachel comes to the front

Reading through this I have found some of the dialect from my area has snuck in,, so to save all the comments about spelling and grammar, I’ll explain it. We use ‘me’ in place of ‘my’ in some instances and our mother is ‘mam’, so when Rachel say’s “I fell off me bike” and “This is me mam” this is correct speak for her. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, that have got through. I was around 24 and Susan 20 when we married, in under a year I was made head ground keeper, due to Sid retiring, this gave me more...


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