There was no other way Pt. II

There was no other way Pt. II

"Why, I thought you wanted to screw my wife"? The man with the gun responded, "We will, and you get to suck my cock as those two have their way or else Tom! You better do as I say sucker!"

I looked at my husband in disbelief at what I was hearing, a man telling him to suck his cock but then again there was a gun involved. The hands that were grabbing my ass and forcing their cock in me all the way and then grinding started to pull out. He was looking at the gunman and I heard him say, "here, let that cuckhold bastard lick his wife's pussy juices off my cock and enjoy and I even have a surprise for him."

"Wait, " hollered Tom. "I don't want to be on the webcam" but it was too late. The engorged cock was coming at him as the man laughed and said"open up boy" and to my surprise Tom did as he was told. The guy's cock was looking like it was about to explode and Tom was licking the head making it erk when all of a sudden Tom's head was grabbed and pushed onto the cock but about half way and the man with the gun was telling Tom to suck and suck like a bitch would. Tom did and the webcam was now pointed mainly at him and I was still being fed a huge cock myself and this man then got the idea to get us closer so we could be on the webcam at the same time. In a few seconds the adjustments in the positions of all involved was to everyone's liking on their end and when I heard someone say "switch" the two strangers exchanged places and a different cock now was in my throat and I saw Tom's mouth being invaded again by a man's cock. I couldn't help but notice that Tom by now was looking quite content actually. I got brave and made a remark about that, Tom, I never knew you liked sucking cock!"

Tom didn't respond but after several minutes and I saw cum dribbling out the corner of his mouth I saw him swallow the first load for the night. "You guys want me to call the number now?"

"Yeah, I think your wife is ready for a bigger party". Then there was a load of cum entering my throat, hot and sour and I swallowed obediently, being sure there was absolutely no spillage. After pulling his cock out I was instructed to sit on the first cock that came in Tom's mouth and that Tom was to aim the camera at me. It was about then that I wondered if the sound was "on" but turned down so I couldn't hear. You see, in the webcam site there can or doesn't have to have volume to the sex shows. We sometimes used music loud and we were muffled or covered up completely. Tom would laugh and say, "hon, they want the music 'off'' so they can hear you scream when you cum"! These strangers gang-banging me tonite where aware of this and told Tom to turn the speakers up so everybody could hear the comments and orderes being made on our end. I didn't care anymore and was getting into this more and more as the cocks that had violated me where all much larger than Tom.

Tom was walking away as he put the camera on the tripod. He ahd his cellphone out and was soon out of ear shot. Upon rentering the room he announced the others would be here in five minutes. I looked at him with a look of both surprise and confusion. As I was wondering what was going to happen next the man with the gun told me to hump the cock I was sitting on and not to just sit. I closed my eyes as I started to do as ordered when he yelled, open your damn eyes and keep looking at the camera. When the video equipment arrives you better perform like a true porno slut. I opened my eyes and stared at the camera and was even told to lick my lips and pretty soon everything was coming more natural to where I would go all the way down on this man's very large cock and do a bit of a grind. Then the front doorbell rang and Tom was asking to be excused when the gunman told him to lick the balls of the cock buried deep in me and that the door would be tended to and not to worry. He motioned for the third man who was sporting yet a solid as steel hard-onand told him to take the gun as he would get the door himself and help with the equipment. When he returned I couldn't believe it. It seems there was going to be a DVD made and not just any DVD. No, the men that brought all this so-called equipment were black! I know I had commented to Tom before about black men and their cock sizes being absolutely enormous but then again I commented on the gang-bang fantasy and that became a reality and when I was ordered to let Tom lick my pussy as soon as I climbed off the cock inside me he did and then since he was on his knees he was told to suck another load of cum out of this freshly fucked cock that was glistening with my own juices. I had told Tom ealier that I'd do anything he wanted and now I am finding our just how good of a cock-sucker Tom can be made to be. As I was eyeing the two new black men I almost forgot we were still on the webcam on the internet. Now , aware the volume was "on" I remarked, "Tom, I have to do two black men? Then you get to suck them too, before and after both!" The entire room roared in laughter except for the two black men; one of them remarked to the other, "you were right, this bitch loves cocks and I know from what I have seen her do myself on the adult website with the huge dildos she fucks herself with!"

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