No - it’s not a little ole high school teenager—LOL It’s me ---well it was this morning anyway. I went out early this morning and did my quite normal hiking of the conservation trails that we have here – Totally Naked – well not quite. I did have socks and a pair of hiking boots and a very light back pack that carries my water and other miscellaneous supplies. Things like a very light hiking shirt, a pair of black ladies “boy shorts”, K-Y Warming Gel and my cell phone. All the essentials one needs and nothing more.

Well I spent an enjoyable hour hiking and didn’t see anything except nature itself. Did the loop and came out of the woods onto the power line where I can see from one hill to the other all the way to the parking lot where I started. I saw that there was a car and a pickup. MMMM Here’s hoping someone is in the woods to my right in between here and there. Back into the woods on the hunt for cock. I hiked each one of those trails—nothing. Crisscrossed – doubled back on them on the hunt for warm bodies. If there was a dick in the woods I was determined to find it. Would have loved to cum across 2 guys getting it on –can you imagine ? I mean just how long do you think I could stand there naked, stroking a hard on while watching 2 unsuspecting guys doing blow jobs or better yet someone getting fucked? “Hello-is this a private party or can anyone join in?” Hey a guy can hope can’t he?

I had my cell phone with me -so I checked the time. Damn out of time-have to get to the truck and hit the road with about 5 minutes to spare. When I got to the parking lot-no car-not truck- but there were a couple electric utility trucks setting up for work on the lines. Now there was a light colored midsize SUV parked across the street with just the driver in it. He pulled forward on the street-turned around and came into the parking lot. My anxiety started to build. I took my royal ass time getting my keys out of the hiding spot on the passenger side hoping against hope that he was going to pull in with nasty intentions. He did. He backed in with his passenger side door about 6’ from my driver’s door.

At that point I was standing there with just my boots/socks and shiny black boy shorts on. He backed in about 2 feet further than I was so that when I opened my door fully wide the door blocked the view from the utility guys but not the SUV guy. I took off my back pack and threw it on the seat. I looked over at him and he acknowledged my nod with his own nod and partially opened his mouth enough that his lips parted a half inch or so. I knew what I so wanted to do at that point. I wanted to strip naked right there with him watching. I wanted to be the nasty exhibitionist that I always wanted to be. After all I had just spent an hour in the woods stroking a hard cock hoping to run into someone that would appreciate me. Now was my chance. I stood there fully square facing him and leaned back slightly with my butt against my seat. Hello there Mister I am about to give you a show.

I made sure I locked eyes with him – nodded that we were now one. Then I proceeded to lift my right foot putting the heel on the door opening. I untied my right boot and took it off. I put it on the floor of the cab. I never stopped looking at him. We were still eye to eye. I did the same with my left boot. Carefully and slowly putting it on the cab floor. From my hips on up never turned - I was still leaning against my seat. With locked eyes - I slowly lowered my boy shorts as my naked, shaved, shiny hard cock and balls popped free. Keeping him eye to eye was difficult as I slowly lifted each leg and slid the shorts over my knees and feet. His eyes kept dropping to my cock and back up—just like us guys do to a lady that has her boobs 3/4 of the way out of her blouse. I then reached behind me and took my Levi’s out and still without moving my butt with my hard on facing him. I slowly slid them on one leg at a time. I brought them up over my knees so I could hold them there and get my boots. With my right hand I reached behind me and took each boot one at a time and slid them on-still eye to eye- oops he cheated again. Remember-my dick and balls are still in the wide open and facing him. I lifted my feet one at a time so the heel was on the cab frame and tied them. His mouth was hanging more open and he wasn’t looking anywhere than from my eyes or cock.

I reached my right arm behind me and fished out the KY Gel tube. Took my time opening the flip top and squeezed a nice big dollop onto the top of my cock head and shaft then just put it on the seat. I took my left pointer finger and started massaging it around my cock head. I then let my fingers spread it all over my shaft. Got the tube one more time and squeezed out another bigger blob on my left palm-clicked it shut and put it back. I then tilted the palm in his direction to show him before palming my shaved ball sack and massaged it onto the areas on both sides where your balls etc. contact your legs. Then making sure I had his eyes I slid my left hand completely between my legs letting him know that I was putting the gel on my entire crotch, spreading my legs and lifting myself up on my toes as I slid a finger in my ass hole and played for a few seconds. Damn it’s fun being a teaser. Then I stroked my hard cock slowly a dozen times before letting my right hand join in the fun. Now that I had two hands slick and shiny I took both hands and slid them from my belly button ( all shaved ) down my crotch, under my balls - all the way back to my love hole. Brought them up – two handed stroke one more time – wiped my palms and back of my hands on my man boobs & then my thighs before reaching down for my jeans – pulling them up – belting and slowly zipping the barn door.

All this time I was looking him straight in the eye-never turned-so the whole show was full frontal nude with him only 8’ away. I made a motion with my finger to roll down his window—he fumbled with the switches and got the window to go down.

I walked over, leaned on his door, look him still right in the eye and said -Hi –
he goes- “Damn -- I would love to suck you off right now”
I go – “Bummer -I can’t - I have to run to work right this minute BUT seeing it is finally warm out that I will be hiking here every morning if I don’t have any appointments to go to. If it’s relatively nice or light rain- I will be here. Hiking or sucking in the rain is so invigorating. So if you see my truck parked here – run - don’t walk – look for me high on that hill on the right where the bare log is or step into the woods to the left and stay close to the power lines. If I am not here then there were no cars in the parking lot ( ie: no one to play with ) and I have therefore hit the trail to the left and am doing the Trail of Tears run. It takes about an hour and I will be back. I always pop out of the woods 2 poles down so I can check that log and the parking lot. If there is a car or more in this parking lot then I head across into the woods for the hunt.”

“Great—I know the log you are talking about and there is a make shift bench behind it too.” He replied. I said – “Yep that’s the one-sucked and been suck at both. In the open on the log is more exciting.”

He was sitting there massaging his package that was contained in a light weight pair of grey knit gym shorts – looked more like just boxer underwear. You could see the whole outline of everything he owned. I looked, I dreamt, I drooled and still had to say NO as now I was going to be late. “Give me a quick glimpse of your package.” Without hesitation he took his left hand and grabbed the bottom of the right leg and pulled it fast and hard till his dick and balls popped into the open. “NICE- VERY NICE--You see me here-I will suck on that dick for however long you want but I really have to go right now.”

I jumped into my truck without bothering to put my shirt on. I drove out. A few more seconds and I may have changed my mind. We would have played for well over an hour-I could tell. I will be looked for that SUV – you can bet on it. I also needed to leave him wanting.

You know the only problem with being a tease is that was six hours ago and my dick just keeps getting hard every time I think of this. I never did get to cum.

Damn - Just got a call – I have an appointment first ting in the morning 30 miles away– no fun tomorrow—but look out Sunday morning.

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