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Incestuous Flesh Massage Chapter 9: Teaching Their Mommy-Slut

Incestuous Flesh Massage (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Nine: Teaching Their Mommy-Slut By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! “You are going to be such a good, little masseuse, aren't you, Mommy-slut,” my girlfriend said, a husky tone in her voice as I pulled my car into the back lot of the Lady Touch Massage Parlor. “Yes, Daughter,” Mrs. Armstrong said, her voice submissive as she sat in the backseat. We'd just picked her up from her home. We got to own her during the day. She was our sex slave. Well, technically she was Stefani's...


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How I made my daughter my submissive Sex Slave (re-wrte

Note 1: I'm not a professional writer, all comments are welcome the bad, the good and the ugly Note 2: If you don't like incest, Master/Slave, pain, and humiliation then don't continue the story exit now but if you like all that stuff then all means continue reading this store Note 3: I would like to thank Crovus Turrim for editing my story Note 4: I welcome all question inbox me and I will answer all my question I will inbox you back or post all the question and answers How I made my daughter my submissive sex slave On my...


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Mom's Bathroom Boy (part 1)

Jon had always had some dirty fantasies when he jacked off. He grew up in a household with two sisters and a mother who was a bit of the town skank. When Jon was a young boy he used to hear his mother fucking different men while he tried to sleep. These early experiences began to shape a thick fantasy for Jon to be able to see his mom naked. Jon used to play around in his moms room when he was a teen, he’d mess around and hide in her large clothes hamper. It was a massive wicker bin with...


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Another Good Night- Part III

Another Good Night- Part III It had only been a few nights since Jason had started pestering her but already his disgusting attacks were starting to feel like a steady routine. Hannah was already home and sitting at the table eating her evening meal when their brother got back home from work. Sarah sat at the table too, her small meal already finished. Hannah had noticed that her sister was zoned out as hell. She’d been talking to her about how school went but Sarah had just sat the whole time staring into the mid-distance. She couldn’t tell anyone the things...


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“What’s daddy doing mommy?” little six-year-old Joy asked as her naked mother, Sara, held her by the waist. Sara’s red nails rubbed her daughter’s bare belly softly as she watched her husband stroke her son’s tiny prick. “Daddy’s just making Joey feel good baby. Just like I’m making you feel good,” Sara softly breathed into her daughter’s ear as she let a hand slide up to her daughter’s taut nipple. The tip of a red fingernail circled the pink nub with deliberate patience while her son’s breathing quickened with his father’s fingers. Joy pushed her ass back into her mom’s wet...


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Incest Wife Complete_(0)

Fisrt time writing so please give your feedback to help know where i went wrong enjoy!! CHAPTER ONE Joey! Angela Banner called from her back door, straining her voice to overcome the noise of the lawnmower. Come have a cold drink, darling! You must be terribly hot! Sure am, Mrs. Banner! Joey Watson shouted back, cutting off the engine and running to pick up his shirt where he had thrown it in the grass. Angela was hot too, but the heat that was bothering her had nothing to do with the weather. Angela's house was cool and comfortable, but her pussy...


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Brothers Forever 1

Brothers Forever 1 My big brother has always been my hero. When we were younger he always took up for me; because I was so much smaller than the other boys I was often picked on but Jeff would never let them get away with it. He was also my younger sister’s hero, he always made sure no one picked on her either. When this story begins Jeff was 13, I (Jack) was 11 and Shelia was 10. Our father had a good job with IBM and my mother, once a teacher, was something of a June Cleaver. We lived pretty...


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My Brother's Wife_(1)

--------------------------------------------------------------------- My Brother's Wife --------------------------------------------------------------------- It's funny that anyone should think me a hero, especially my brother and his wife just because I fucked her a week after the two of them started dating. Mona is not a moaner. She's more of a screamer, and never the least bit hesitant to let the whole block know it when she's having a climax. The next door neighbors know exactly how many orgasms she's had the night before. Some of the women don't like it. Some do because it seems to make their own husbands more interested. Of course they're mostly interested in...


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Suddenly, taboo

Suddenly, taboo If you’re a fairly good-looking guy with a pleasing personality, good at chatting up ladies and move around a lot, finding yourself in the right places at the right times you will have your instances of sex when least expected; that is expected. But when suddenly, out of the blue, without any indication, any buildup, any preparation on your part you have prime pussy served up to you, and that pussy happens to belong to your beautiful mother; then you are one lucky son of a bitch. I am one lucky son of a bitch! A relative of my...


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