It happened one night!_(1)

It happened one night!_(1)

Hi, my name is Daniel. I would like to tell you a story from one night not so long ago, a night in June lets say. I live out in the Middle and I am a 36 year old supervisor at a local factory, making all sorts of rubbish little trinket things. I have a wife Ashley who is 34 years old and works in a local pre school nursery teaching simple things to the next generation of the human race, our future they say! We’re both fairly fit and active and try to eat all the good healthy ‘home grown’ food that is good for our body and minds and all the blah blah blah. Anyway, we have been together for some 15 years now and we feel really happy together in our simple little lives just like any other ‘normal’ couple. My Nan passed away about ten years ago and left her house to my parents, them being her only children. My parents needed someone to rent the house and seeing as my older brother had long since moved away to another state with his wife and kids they had asked my wife and I if we would want to rent it. ‘most definitely’ I had replied, you won’t find a three bedroom cottage to rent for $100 a month anywhere else in the world I would imagine, so yeah we jumped at the chance. That was ten years ago now and we have no plans on ever moving out, even if we did eventually have kids of our own.

I like I said have got one brother whom I see maybe once or twice in a year. Fine by me as he became a right ass after university and even his wife is a bit of a bitch, and don’t get me started on their spoilt ignorant as hell kids. My wife has got a single brother and unlike my own brother we get on really well, as close as my own brother used to be. He is only 26 years old, always between jobs and until recently, women. He has managed to hold down a small flat closer to town than myself and my wife but of late he has had a bit of a slump with women. Not that he would have much difficulty pulling a woman at a local bar as he is a good looking sucker and could smile his way into fort Knox. It’s just that lately he’s been getting a bit down with himself at not being able to hold down a relationship like the one his sister and I have, instead ending up with some drunken abusive nut job. He has come to stay with us quite a few times lately and I know my wife enjoys the fact that Matt ( his name by the way) and us share a common interest in just about most things and I have made her brother aware that he is welcome anytime at our house. It was on one of these nights that my story takes place and in the tale I will give my account of what happened intertwined with what my wife in her own words remembers. Here we go.

On a rainy night in...’The Middle’


It was about 6 o’clock on a Saturday, and the heavens had opened. Rain lashed at the windows and my wife and I had already decided to have an alcohol fuelled night of lovemaking. There was sod all on the TV again and we had put on one of our favourite playlists from the CD system, it starts with a few hours of upbeat tunes and slowly gears down to a concoction of the best of Marvin Gaye love songs and any of the slow ‘get your thing on’ love songs we own. Our bedroom was on the opposite side of the hallway to the living room and more often than not we would come straight in from work and chuck on a pair of Pyjama’s to relax into. Being a Saturday and with the prospect of going out a no go, we donned our PJ’s and readied ourselves for a good session. We had just opened a bottle of beer when the phone rang.


“Hello, Ashley speaking” I said as I answered the phone. Hoping it wasn’t my mother saying they were going to call today.

“Hi sis, it’s Matt”

“Oh, hi Matt... What’s up bro” I ask. Daniel is looking at me as I shrug my shoulders to say that I don’t know what he wants.

“I heard you were having a party and you don’t mind if I come, but you couldn’t get hold of me”

“Well were not having a party but you can come and have a drink with us if you want” I reply. I look over to Daniel to see if it is ok and he nods his head ok.

“I don’t want to intrude...I’ll give it a miss if you are not having a party as I will have to pay full price for a cab home if there’s no-one else to bum a lift home with...I’ll just stay at home instead”

“Don’t be stupid. We don’t mind you coming over and staying the night...just bring some drink with you” I reply, again looking to Daniel for approval. He nods a ‘yes ok’. I know he was hoping to get in a session tonight on me, “maybe a quickie before he comes” I mouth over which gets a smile of approval.

“Are you sure” asks Matt

“Of course...see you in a bit and don’t forget to bring some booze” I say as I hang up the phone. “Now what did I just promise”. Daniel is unbuttoning his fly as I return the phone to its holder and he pulls out his semi flaccid cock.


My cock was just about ready to explode into her pussy, her juices oozing as she anticipated my ejaculation. With her blowjob just twenty minutes ago emptying me for my first ejaculation I really had to up the speed to get my cock ready to explode again and here it came. Her lovely tight ass slammed into my upper thighs as I dug deep into her, my hand gripped her one tit forcefully as I unloaded my second load deep inside her pussy. She groaned a loving groan and smiled back at me with satisfaction. We had always had a great sex life and would always try to get in at least three sessions a week, even more if we had a holiday week. We were no square couple either. We once did it in a restaurant that had only one toilet, you should have seen the face of the woman that had been waiting for the toilet as we came out, ha. Another time we did anal in the toilets of the local swimming pool and I just casually jumped into the pool after with my wife in hand without so much as cleaning ourselves off, she did have to get straight back out though as she struggled to hold my cum inside, ‘you squirt so much’ she had said. All that and yet we had never been blessed with kids of our own. ‘we’re too dirty’ she had said a few times when my cum had filled her ass such much it leaked for two days later, ‘or not dirty enough’ I had replied with a dirty smile. I do have a filthy mind, though they do say it’s not the mouth it comes out of but the mind it goes into. The door knocks.


I had barely enough time to clean myself up before Daniel had opened the door to let my brother in. His cum was still gurgling around in my ass and would be for another hour or so after.

“Hi my baby bro” I say as I lean in and give him a great big hug and peck on the cheek.

“Hi sis...I hope you both don’t mind me staying”

“Don’t be daft...your welcome to stay anytime” I reply. Daniel has already told him this and gone to get him a beer. “Anytime” he adds from the kitchen. “How are you...working tomorrow” I ask. No chance, mom had already told me that he had lost his job again and had said that he was feeling sorry for himself.

“No work...just want to get plastered with my fav sis and her man” he replies, there’s a look of loneliness on his face that is a bit more obvious than normal.

“If you want to talk, Daniel is always here for you” I say as I give him another hug.

“Yea he’s a good guy...but for now I just want to get good and hammered”

“Well let’s see if we can sort you out with that” says Daniel as he comes into the room carrying a can of beer for him.

“Thanks Dan, I’ll have this one but after that I’m going on the Vodka” replies Matt. ‘he really is feeling down’ I think to myself as he only goes all out on the vodka if he is wanting to get completely wasted and not remember a thing, I know those days from a long time ago, before I met Daniel.


Ashley had been in the bath for a long while, so long that I had already had four beers and was now drinking my fifth. She had taken her bottle of wine in with her but she would normally only drink about half a glass if that while she laid there. Matt and I had been talking and I had just about got the gist of what was wrong with him. He had not had a girlfriend or one night stand for nearly six months now and was feeling a little down, thinking he would be alone for the rest of his life, or until he finally went out and got another woman just like the ones he had always picked up before. But he had also said that he was tired of being bounced from one dull woman to another, he wanted to find a girl to settle down with and have a relationship like myself and his sister had. ‘That can take a bit of time’ I had told him. He rolled his eyes as if saying ‘duh, I know’.

The bedroom door opened as Ashley came stumbling out carrying an almost empty bottle of wine. She had put her PJ’s back on, but had decided that she did not need her bra. I could just about see her nips through the t-shirt she wore and I knew she was still a little horny from our quick session earlier.

“You didn’t want to put a bra on did you...I don’t think your brother wants to see a woman’s nips on display” I said as she walked through the hall light.

“He doesn’t look at me like that stupid...and he knows what I will be doing’s been nearly a week that I’ve gone without” replies Ashley smirking. The bottle flailing in her hand as she came towards me.

“This poor man has gone without for a hell of a lot longer” I say as she slumps down onto my lap. The bottle of wine still has a little in the bottom and the sudden drop of her body makes it swish towards the top.

“I’m ok, it’s your house” replies Matt as he shrugs his head in amusement.

Ashley leans over me and taps her brother on the shoulder, “never mind bro you’ll get some when you want to...every woman I know tells me you’re a handsome bugger and they wouldn’t mind a bit of you”. She smiles and begins to steady herself to get back up.

As she’s getting to her feet she slips on the rug, sending the bottle of wine out of her hand. It lands in her brother’s lap and the wine that is left in the bottle quickly empties into his crotch area, soaking his jeans and pants. She’s not drunk but I can see that she is very merry, she says her ‘sorry’ to her brother whom himself just sits there. He too is on his merry way I think to myself.


I can’t believe what a clutz I was. The bottle had seemed almost empty as I walked to the living room with it, and I had only had two, maybe three glasses, big glasses.

“I’m so sorry Matt. I slipped on the bloody rug”. His jeans are soaked through but he didn’t seem to notice at first. He’s getting very tipsy I think.

“I’ll go get him a pair of PJ’s and Boxers. I’ve got a spare pair that he can borrow” says Daniel as he goes to the bedroom to get some clothes for Matt. He didn’t bring any spare as he didn’t expect anyone to throw a bottle of wine over him that night.

“Only the PJ’s, and only the’s like a furnace in here and I don’t want to wear another man’s boxers, thanks” says Matt as he lifts the bottle and places it on the sideboard, knocking it into a vase.

“So sorry” I say again trying not to laugh. Matt looks at me and chuckles while shaking his head.

“You sure you don’t want a pair of boxers” asks Daniel as he re-enters the room with the pair of PJ bottoms.

“No, you’re ok” replies Matt as he takes the pair of bottoms from Daniel and stumbles off to the bathroom to change. Luckily he was a bit tipsy by now or he would have noticed that they were his best jeans.

“You’d better get another drink” says Daniel looking at the empty bottle of wine. He pours himself a Jack Daniels from the decanter and shakes his head laughing at what I had just done.

“It was an accident” I say as I head to the kitchen. Once there I see that there are no more bottles of wine in the fridge and look for something else to drink. ‘I ain't drinking Jack, it’s too dire in the morning. I ain’t drinking tequila, it puts me to sleep quicker than the Opera. Oooh, Bacardi, that’s a little winner for Daniel’ I think to myself. Daniel knows that if I drink Bacardi I become his sex slave, I can’t get enough of his throbbing dick in me. Matt will be out soon and then I’ll make my move, Daniel will see it coming though.


As Ashley comes back into the living room I can see that she has made herself a Bacardi and Coke, the love drink. She goes wild every time she drinks it and she doesn’t even remember my name on the odd occasion when she gets so drunk and she doesn’t pass out. ‘Like a nympho’ I have told her.

“What’s that your drinking there then little lady” I ask as she strolls back into the living room and sits on the sofa, her eyes slyly grinning.

“Later” she replies in a sultry voice that beckons my cock to stir.

A couple of seconds later Matt walks back into the room, holding a bottle of vodka in his one hand and a glass of vodka and coke in the other. The PJ bottoms that I had lent him were quite thick but even though you could still see that his dick was dangling free in them as he slumped back on the sofa by my side. Shit I forgot the hole in the front is loose on those ones I think to myself as he sits back down and begins to drink some more. The buttons had been loosened by Ashley one night when she had pulled my cock out a bit roughly and started to rub it; my dick had never fallen out but had been seen by my wife on several occasions, leading to a fuck fest.

“How you doing Matt, I see your on the strong stuff now just like your sister” I say as I see him down half a glass in one go.

“Neaarrllly tthheerreee” he says as he tries to fill another glass, hands wobbling a bit as his eyes struggle to see.

“Yay, me-too” says Ashley as she brings up the bottle of Bacardi from the side of the sofa and fills up her drink, less coke, more Bacardi. She starts to drink and smiles at me, noticing that she was going to pay for it in the morning with a look of ‘ok’. I continue to drink my Jack Daniels and listen to my wife attempting to hum to the music.

After about another hour the ‘party’ had begun to change. My wife was still just about able to hold her head up with the odd lapse of her neck muscle dropping it forward. Matt on the other hand was completely wasted, he still sat by the side of me on the sofa but his eyes were shut and his hand had all but lost grip on his glass. He sat so still that I tried to open his eye just to see if he could react, his eye was rolled back in his head and he was gone so far away he would not be back until the morning. Ashley got up and said something about needing to go to the ‘toil a wet, bees back soooons’, she wobbled off and I could hear her scrabbling for the light switch.

I downed what was left of my Jack and filled another ready. ‘damn, I can’t even get drunk off the Jack tonight I think to myself as I fill a stronger portion of Jack to Coke, nearly neat. I was very tipsy no doubt but I couldn’t get as drunk as my wife or her brother by my side.


“Wheerrre is the toil a wet paperssss” I can remember thinking as I got to my feet, or sort of to my feet. “Ahhh fucckk itttt”. I didn’t wipe as there was no paper, or none that I could remember seeing.

I walked (stumbled) back into the living room. ‘Let’s get it onnnnn’ is playing on the music player and I get my feet in a tussle and stumble towards the bookshelf on Daniels left side. ‘Ohhh yeaahhh’ I start to say as I turn, a little too fast towards where Daniel is sitting. My vision is doubled as I do my sexy dance over to him on the sofa.

“I wannav fuck youv...somethinggs” I say as I lean in for a kiss.


As Ashley walks back into the room I can see that she is totally drunk, yet she is still standing and attempting to tell me something. She almost falls head first into the bookshelf, and then starts to look around the room for me. She smiles a drunken smile and begins to do a sexy, completely weird dance my way.

I catch her trying to say something like ‘I wanna fuck your brains out’ but it’s not what she actually mumbles. Her hand comes out to steady herself and her face comes to rest just inches from my own. She looks at me like she does every time she drinks too much Bacardi and her mouth moves closer in to kiss my lips. Our lips meet and I feel her lust as she forces a tongue into my mouth, Bacardi fills my mouth as the Jack gives way to its aroma.

As her legs meet with the edge of the sofa her other hand rests onto my chest. Her hand begins to caress my chest hair and her tongue still tries to find the back of my mouth. My own tongue now also starts to probe into her mouth as my lustful interest is peeked. My hand instinctively reaches up and rests onto her breast, its softness and shape is lovely as always.

At this point I thought that we would be getting up and heading to the bedroom to finish off what was starting as her brother, even though completely wasted was sitting by my side. Her breath gave a gasp of pleasure as my hand gripped her breast and its weight moved and jiggled with my squeezing. Her hand that was caressing my chest moved down my stomach and headed towards my abdomen, not stopping until it landed on my stirring cock. “Mmmmm” she let out as she gave it a squeeze, its size growing. The room was quite hot but nowhere near as hot as my wife’s body now felt. My other hand gripped her waist as I intensified my exploring of her mouth, her body lurched closer to me and she pushed a pressure down onto my cock as she tried to steady herself.

‘does she not realise that her brother is sitting right next to us or does she not care’ I think to myself as she starts to pull her hand slowly up and down on my now fully erect cock through my Pyjama bottoms. ‘Fuck it’ I think to myself as my squeezing of her breast gets her breathing going a little quicker. I move my hand down her top and bring it back up onto her naked flesh, settling my hand fully on her breast and returning to squeeze and rub. The top rises and I can see most of her breast underneath, she doesn’t stop me at all. In fact she almost loses her breath for a moment. If her brother had opened his eyes at that very moment he would have got a good little view of her tits, well underboob at least.

This went on for a few minutes more before she finally took her hand away from my cock, her mouth still ravaged mine and her tongue was like an eel trying to slip through a hose pipe twenty millimetres too small. Her hand rested on my abdomen and I could feel her palm reach for the helm of my bottoms. Quick as a flash my cock was out, standing tall and free. ‘shit’ I thought as I glanced to her brother by my side, he was dead to the world I realised and checked back to what my wife’s hand was now doing. She was pulling my cock up and down with an eagerness, she didn’t want to leave it go and she didn’t want to take this anywhere else it seemed.

I had already shot my load twice that day and I knew there was no chance she was going to make me cum again by just giving me a hand job. ‘if she’s a willing then so am I’ I think to myself as my other hand that was on her waist now reaches up and begins to pull her top over her head, it’s easy as the top is pretty lose fitting. If she had not had so much to drink I think she would have run out of the room as the top fell to her wrists, exposing her breasts. But to my shock she just lifted up her one hand and then the other and flung the top to the floor. Her right breast bobbed up and down until it settled and her left breast came to a halt as soon as I returned my hand to it. She was now naked on her top half with her brother sitting just inches away. My free hand moved down her abdomen and I reached under for her pussy. Her breath gave off another lurch as my hand made contact with her lips. ‘Wow, she’s already wet’ I think as my hand feels the wetness through her PJ bottoms and I drive my fingers through her groove.

All of a sudden she backs off away from my mouth and stands, giddy but as upright as she was going to get. Her hands reach for my PJ bottoms and with a lustful rage she rips them and my boxers down, even as far as to pull them off of my feet. ‘Holy shit she’s gone cock wild’ I think to myself as she kneels down in front of me, between my legs that she has just parted. Her head lowers as she lines up with my cock. Her mouth opens and I feel the air pass through her lips as she readies to take me in, ‘guuuuggg’. Her head is up and down, up and down the rhythm slow fast and erratic all in one and my cock groans ‘yea’. In between the rhythmic up and downs I lower my hands down her back, passing her PJ bottom’s helm and settling on her ass cheeks, taking a good grip. While she sucks my cock I can feel her body begin to move, ‘she’s getting up’ I think. Only a little it seemed as she brought her both hands to her waist. Her bottoms are going down and she ain’t even stopping to suck my cock in the process. Quick as a flash again and she is now completely naked. And still sucking my cock as if there’ll be no tomorrow.

This is where it gets interesting, or for me it did anyway. She was clearly very drunk as she was kneeling completely naked with her brother sitting inches away from us and she had no problem with it, in fact most of what was going down was from her doing. She had also caught my dick with her teeth a few times as she bobbed, but hey I wasn’t complaining, in fact I was just about to see where this would be going next.

My left hand slid down her stomach again and headed straight for her pussy, passing through the little hair she kept and passing over her swollen clit. Two fingers slid into her as easy as a knife into butter and she let out a whimper of joy. My fingers burrowed in and out, each time finding another corner of her pussy that was not so wet with juice and each time bringing just a little back with them. She was primed for an orgasm but she did not have the right stimulus from my fingers in her pussy. That soon changed as I removed my fingers and laid them dripping onto her clit. Her breath caught again as she realised where my fingers had just landed and her legs parted way. A little tap, a little left, a little right. Find that sweet spot I could almost hear her call out as my fingers danced across her clit, her mouth slowed as I found a little sensitive spot. ‘Mmmmmmmmm’ she groaned as my finger rode her clit like a gentle warrior trying to ravage her with a feather sword. ‘Hmmmmm’ her mouth almost came to a stop, and I could feel the twitch in her clit as it tried to flee my wrath. Her body jerked as the feeling grew inside her, she could not escape now what was coming her way and she let herself go, jerking, jerking and then ‘ohhhmmmmmm’. The orgasm erupted inside her flushing her through, a wave after wave of moans left her mouth as she shuddered in my hand. Wetness came gushing forth from her lips and was soaking my fingers.

And then she returned to my dick, the orgasm was over for now and she was trying to get me to climax. Her head started to list to one side as she struggled to keep herself going. ‘She’s feeling the effects of the drink’ I think to myself as she slows her pace and raises her right hand to steady herself. Her left hand comes to rest between me and her brother and her finger nail digs into my flesh. Her head movement slows to a crawl as she battles to keep going; she is still licking it with her tongue and still seems to want to finish me off with an ejaculation. Her left hand digs in a little deeper to my leg and I feel a bit of discomfort, ‘I’ll have to move her hand over or I’ll lose my erection’ I think as I begin to lift her hand, there is no resistance and I drop her hand further over.

That’s when it happened, when the darker side of me came to say hello. The time when all of your inhabitations finally leave you and carnal pleasure takes over. Her hand had come to rest on her brother’s leg, just above the knee. My moving of her hand had stoked her into quickening her pace and she again picked up a little rhythm up and down. My hand rested just under her arm as I reached for her breast once more but I also happened to knock her arm forward slightly in the process. Her hand moved up to her brother’s upper thigh, she didn’t move it back. I dug my fingers back into her pussy with my one hand and I ‘accidently’ caught her arm again with my other, sending her hand fully up into her brother’s crotch. She still didn’t move it back as she happily gulped on my cock. Her juices began to mount back up and I could feel her body readying for another orgasm. Her body tensed, her right hand gripped the sofa, and her left hand gripped her brother’s cock.

Ok, now I was getting really turned on by what was happening and I knew my climax would be coming soon if I didn’t think of something different. I looked to the side and could see that she still had a hold of her brothers flaccid, or was it, cock. I nudged her arm again forward and she still held on to his cock. I nudged again, this time she moved another one more time after I had stopped. Her brother’s cock began to spring into life, and still she kept a hold of it. I dug my fingers in deeper to her pussy and she let out a moan. My hand massaged her breast and I nudged her arm again. ‘holy shit’ my mind was in wow, not only was she still holding her brothers cock in her hand but she had now started to slowly pull it up and down, the PJ bottoms went tight with its shape. ‘this is crazy’ I thought to myself as I watched her head bob up and down on my cock and her hand go up and down on her brothers cock through the Pyjamas. I gripped her wrist and pulled it up to her brother’s stomach. I was sure I sensed a bit of disappointment as I did so but she had obviously no idea of what I was about to do. I moved her wrist back down to her brother’s abdomen and forced it down under his PJ bottoms. Her hand kept going until it latched back on to his cock, spilling it out from under the cloth as the bottoms fell down past his balls.

‘fuck me’ I thought as I watched my wife’s head bobbing up and down on my cock and her hand going up and down on her brothers. His balls gave out a shudder as his cock stretched out as far as it could go and for a few minutes we were all getting some. My wife’s mouth began to slow on my cock and her hand began to slow on her brothers. She got up and looked at me, not for an instant noticing her brothers erect cock in her hand and then she moved forward, spreading her legs and lining up her pussy to impale herself on my cock. Down she came in one movement as my cock rushed to fill her hole, there was so much lubrication now that it felt as if my cock had been shoved into a bucket of water. ‘Hmmmmmm’ she cried out as she lifted then sat back down onto my cock. Her hand was still holding her brothers cock and as I felt another rush of climax spread through her insides she quickened her pace of pulling her brothers cock, up down, up down, almost leaving it go on more than one occasion. Then she came to another stop.

“Let me fuck your ass” I say as I rim the edges of her back doors, plopping one then two fingers in easily. She didn’t seem to get what I was saying until I began to shift her weight to the side, her brother’s side. Her hand left his cock as she steadied herself and came to rest on his chest, along with her face. My cock slips out of her pussy as I slide to her side. Her face is rising up towards her brothers as I take up position behind her; my cock homing in on that lovely place I like to visit whenever I can. I feel the tip enter, there’s no resistance. I slip in further. Her hand rests back down on her brother’s cock and takes a grip. In I slide further, it was as easy as if she had lubed it up prior, and at close to half way in I came to rest. Then I pull back and I can feel her anticipation at my impending return. Back I come, half way into her and she cries out with pleasure. Again out then in. And again, her hand gripping her brother’s cock firmly but not moving up and down anymore. I try and give her a nudge to start it moving again but it holds still. ‘Ok’ I think 'let's try and see if she will drop her mouth down onto it' and I begin to nudge her body down and to the left. That’s when the final mind blowing thing happened, she did not drop her head down as I had intended for her to do but instead she jolted her body to the left, her left leg gave way and I found myself having to hold us both up until she finally landed her leg back on the sofa, on the other side of her brothers right leg. She jostled to keep herself upright as I too moved my leg to the right side of her brothers. We were now directly in front of him, my cock half way inside her ass and her breasts and more so her nipple resting on her brothers lips. Her pussy stood a mere two inches above his erect cock and she moaned as his lips touched her nipples, they parted slightly and the nipple entered his mouth. My cock was slowly moving in and out of her ass, just enough to make her want it more and she moved slightly back to try and catch it faster. My hand reached around to her clit as I tried to get her to another climax. I could feel her brothers cock brush past the back of my hand, and then again. Her orgasm was nearly there so she stood stout against my thrusts but my fingers found that sweet spot again and I could feel her body tense as she tried to stop her orgasm from coming through. She slipped a little and she lowered an inch or so, her brother’s cock was now firmly pressing on the back of my hand and her breathing was almost at that point of blowing. I moved my hand from her clit and let her brothers cock land at the opening to her pussy. She was trying to resist but her orgasm was all but on her. My legs steadied and I drove my cock fully home into her ass, balls deep. We were locked, her orgasm had already started and there was nothing she could do as I pulled both our weights downward. I felt the pressure through her walls as her brother’s cock thrust into her pussy, there was nowhere left for it to go but deep into her belly. Her body was all a jumble of movement as her orgasm ripped through her, the fact that she now had two cocks buried deep inside her filled her to a point where she cared little to nothing about how it was happening and she groaned loud and unrestrained. She lifted herself up, and then slumped back down, then again, up and down. She did this for the next few minutes as her orgasm kept coming, up and down, up and down and each time she groaned with total delight.

Then the inevitable began to happen, it started with a twitch, then another. Her brothers cock was about to explode and she must have felt it too as she began to rise a little higher, nearly off of him. ‘not when it is so close’ I think to myself as I drive us both back down hard, balls deep into her goes her brothers cock again. She tries to lift clear again, her brothers cock is twitching madly inside her through the wall and I can feel the building of yet another orgasm in my wife’s insides. Up she tries to get again, this time there seems a little bit more of urgency to her to get off his cock, but it’s no use as I bring us back down and this time I hold her down, balls deep on her brother’s cock. I can feel it all as her brothers cock unloads wave after wave of cum into her pussy, its length pulsing as it stretches for her deepest innards. She lets go and her orgasm consumes her, she’s almost fitting from the pleasure as she hunches herself inwards, her brothers cock still unloading its payload as she moans with each blast of cum.


Not to be left out I begin to thrust back into her ass, still holding her body downward onto her brother’s cock. There’s that build up of pressure that everyman knows, that point at which you have no control of what happens next and your basic instinct takes over. My balls began emptying all that remained of the cum that was left inside me, shooting with an added power that pushed my cum deeper than I think it had ever gone before.

There we sat for what seemed like an age. My cock in her ass and her brothers inside her pussy, there was no space left inside her and our combined cum loads had begun to ooze from her lips and ass. Ashley slumped forward onto her brother and began to breathe a little slower, she was spent and now she was going to go to sleep.

“Ashley...Ashley, it’s time for bed” I say as I pull my flaccid cock from her ass, cum dripped out and onto her brothers balls.

“bedded” she echoed as her brothers cock slipped from her pussy.

I managed to lift her up and I carried her to the bedroom, her pussy and ass glistened as I laid her down on the bed and a trail of cum spotted the floor behind us. I placed the quilt cover over her and returned to the living room. Her brother still sat in the exact same place and still looked dead to the world. And I also noticed that the Pyjama bottoms had not returned to covering his flaccid cock, the cock that was glistening just as much as my wife’s ass and pussy. ‘Shit that can’t stay like that’ I thought to myself as I contemplated what I could do about it. My wife’s Pyjama top was still lying on the floor with her bottoms and panties, they were dirty now and she would have to wash them. Without thinking too much about it I picked up the top and put it over Matt’s cock, rubbing as much of the juices and cum off of it as quickly as I could. I’ve never felt another man’s cock in my life, and after having to clean my brother in laws cock I think we are all a little too homophobic as men, or heterosexual men I should say. I’ll never suck one and I wouldn’t be touching it if I didn’t have to but at the end of the day it’s the exact same as when I touch my own. It’s soft and lifeless when flaccid and obviously filled with the same blood as my own when erect.

I left him sitting there after I had cleaned him up, maybe it was just my sordid imagination or not but I was sure he had a satisfied expression on his face. I did however also leave a half empty glass of vodka in his hand, just to remind him of how drunk he was when he woke up. I returned to the bedroom and closed the door. My wife was fast asleep and snoring quietly, as she often does when we have a drinking session. I got into bed, forgetting until I did that I was completely naked myself. I snuggled up to my wife and before I could count to ten sheep I was fast asleep myself.

The next morning


Good morning my love” I say as I open my eyes and feel my wife’s breast upon my chest. She had snuggled up to me in the night.

“Ohhh, good morning” she says with a little squint of her eyes. She had a hangover.

“Did you have a good night last night” I ask as I try to gage how much she remembers. She scrambles around under the covers.

“I see that you had a good time...I will get you back tonight” she says as she rests her hand on my chest. She smiles and gives a great big yawn.

“So you can’t remember anything can you” I ask. If she did I don’t think she was going to tell me just then.

“Marvin Gaye was singing and then I kissed you...and then I woke up to you saying ‘good morning’...a good night” she replies as she looks to the bedroom door. “Did Matt stay after, I can’t remember seeing him after my bath, or was it before Marvin Gaye...I can’t remember”

“You little piss head” I say as I slap her ass. She groans and tries to kick me out of bed.

“I’m getting up” I say as I drop out of the bed and land on my feet. “I’d better go check on Matt” I say as I put on some fresh Pyjamas and head to the door.

Matt is still in the same position I left him in the night before as I enter the living room, “you awake there Matt” I ask as I give him a shake. The glass falls out of his hand and he springs to life.

“Holey shit...I was fucking wacked last night” he says as he tries to stop the glass from emptying its contents onto the sofa. I get to it first.

“Crap...what’s the time” he asks.

“About nine thirty and it’s a Sunday” I reply wondering why he is looking so anxious. ‘Maybe he remembers something’ I think to myself and start to panic a little.

“I have to see a man about a job” he replies as he jumps to his feet. My face says ‘yea ok’ as I doubt his words.

“No I’m being serious...I have to see a man about a job in town in thirty minutes he says as he looks for his dirty clothes.

“You can’t wear them there sodden through with wine” I say as I go to the bedroom for some of my own clothes. My wife has gone back to sleep and doesn’t notice me going through my clothes.

I return with a nice shirt and some clean trousers for him. Minus any boxers. A pair of smart shoes and he looks half decent again.

“I’m so sorry to run out on you both like this but I have to get this job” he says as he races for the door.

“Do you want me to order a cab” I ask

“No need I can drive now” he says as he heads out the door. Before I could argue the fact that he was most probably well over the limit still he was gone. Jumping into his car and was off flying down the street. We found out later that he was telling the truth and he did actually get the job.

My wife got up a little later and was taking a shower as I prepared breakfast. I entered and found her washing all the dirtiness of the night before from her body, her ass glistened under the flow of water and I found myself entering the shower with her.

“didn’t you get enough last night” she asked as I slid my fully erect cock between her legs, her pussy was still ready and waiting for more and my cock was all too eager to get another go. We fucked a few more times that day and did it in every room, and every style.

A little while later


“I hope she’s in a better mood today” I think to myself as my car rolls into the drive. It had been almost three months since that awesome night but for the last few weeks she’s been up and down with her emotions like a fucking yo yo. First she wants to fuck my brains out and then as quick as a flash she hates my guts. What the hell did I do I often think these days as I park the car on the drive. I see the curtains move.


‘I can’t believe it’ I keep thinking to myself. I know I have been a bit of a bitch to him at times lately but now I know why. Her he comes, try not to get too excited as to ruin the surprise.


I open the front door and she is waiting in the hall for me. ‘Is this a good day or a bad day’ I think to myself as she stares at me entering the house.

“Hi, my love. Love of my life” she says. Obviously she is happy today; thank fuck, but what has gotten her so happy?

“Everything ok” I ask

“Everything is perfect” she replies as she bounds down the hall and plants a big kiss on my lips. I smile

“What’s got you so happy...have we won the lottery” I ask as I draw a blank as to what has gotten her so happy.

“Nope” her eagerness to tell me is making her bubble with delight, “something better”.

“Ok” I reply wondering what kind of pills she’s on.

“I went to the doctors today...and guess what he said” she says giggling.

“You got some pills” I reply. I wanted to say you needed them but I wasn’t quite at that stupid a stage yet.

“Nope...I’m pregnant” she blurted out and came rushing in to hug me again. I was so happy and excited too at the announcement I will agree.

“That couldn’t have been long... I thought you had a period last month. It’s only a month or two then, we have to plan” I reply as I begin thinking of the changes we would have to make before a baby could come here to live.

“Nope...three months the doctor says. I told him about the night we got hammered and the amount of sex we had the next day. ‘That could do it’ he said” her voice filled with excitement.

“Oh great” I reply as I think of the sex we had that day. “Oh shit’ my mind adds as I remember what went down the night before.

Only I myself remember what went down that night. Matt has finally gotten himself a steady girlfriend who gets on great with Ashley. He still has that job that he got that day after. So I say ‘Who am I to kill the dreams of my wife and destroy what good can come of the present lives we have built’.

We all have skeletons in our closets and we all do some fucked up things in our lives. It is not for us to be judged by the laws of man as we take our final breaths of life on this earth and I hope that with all the good we do from now, until the end of our days, that that great pendulum in the sky will rock an ever so gentle tilt in the favour of LOVE, in all its ways!

The end.

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