Give Me Some Sugar Part 1 - Rochelle's Tryout

Give Me Some Sugar Part 1 - Rochelle's Tryout

Life sure is funny is how it plays out. I have never been a religious man, still am not, but I did listen to the Joel Olsteen guy when the times were bad. He was so positive, that helped, but he also talked about how God could make up for decades of crap, in just a few years through super natural increase. Like I said, I am no Christian and am agnostic about the existence of a deity, but I have to agree that in the least, life can make up for a lot of misery very quickly. In fact, I think it makes you revel in your new found good fortune all the more.

Granted to look at me now you would have little hint at the life I had before. It was only about 5 years ago that my very existence changed and I am still baffled by how amazing these 5 years have been. So what was my situation you have to be wondering. Without being to depressing here we go . . . I am about 5 foot 10 inches tall, fit, average manhood, lots of cash, and even some celebrity. I WAS, 5 foot 10, 275 lbs, broke as shit, diabetic, had horrible sleep apnea, never had a woman worth having and was near celebrate, but not by choice. I had tooth problems, and stomach problems and was always exhausted, but I had an idea in my head I knew I had to get out.

I tried writing a book but after I was done, no publishers were interested in my fantasy novel so I self published. I sold 300-400 copies and made my money back and not much more. But I thought it was a good story and of the people who bought it, I got great reviews, but in our current world, if you don't have hype, you don't have a hit. Then I got my break. It just happens like that, when you least suspect it. Some kid who read my book lent it to a friend. That friend loved it and was talking about it at dinner. Her dad happened to be a producer for Sony. I got a call from him and he said they might be interested in purchasing the rights for a movie.

It took a while and I had to borrow money from my parents to hire a lawyer but i got a good deal worked out, basically using George Lucas for inspiration. I gave up some creative rights on the film and took a lower payday for the revenue in exchange for 13% of merchandising sales as well as input onto what merchandise was created. I ended up getting $300,000 for the movie itself in purchasing. But after taxes all that was left was enough to pay off student loans and buy a modest town house and a sensible new car with a bumper to bumper 10 year warranty. I thought I made out pretty good and they wanted a sequel and asked me to write a follow up.

The movie was a bigger hit than I expected and at first was angry all the money I passed up on ticket sales. Until the merchandising hit of course. Before I knew it there was a video game, RPG materials, toys and posters and pictures, clothes and other assorted stuff. The games and toys took off like crazy and a year after the whole thing started I started getting residual checks for thousands a month. I went to lots of doctors, trainers, had chefs and nutritionists and the like. I had dropped about 50 pounds, was sleeping well on CPAP, was off of nearly all medications for diabetes since I was eating so well. It is amazing what money does for you. I even went to a few Asian Massage Parlors for tug jobs as I worked towards becoming a new me.

Then I got a check for $14,000. My biggest monthly residual check yet, and they never got smaller than that. In fact they ended up swelling about a year later to about $30,000 a month but before that happened I decided to move to LA to be closer to the studio and the business end of things. With my money piling up, I no longer needed to worry about things like a high rent.

I bought nice clothes, got a BMW and got a nice Hollywood Hills home. It ran me just under $2 million but there was no sign of the residuals running out soon so I was making double mortgage payments and my $300,000 down payment helped a lot. I got a new trainer and chef for the LA area, and still had a ways to go to not be fat anymore. So I still lacked self confidence, though it was better than it had been in a while. The problem was every day I saw drop dead gorgeous women who wanted to be actresses. I had seen a lot of hot women in my day, but out there, god they were unbelievable. The hottest young women from all over the country hoping to strike it big. I have never been a smooth one, never much good at getting women and even being well off and having connections didn't work that well as a starting point when you sound so awkward.

Then I was reading some articles online about one thing or another and saw one of those dating websites. It was really pointless but like 15 women had responded to my messages saying they were willing to "date" a sugar daddy. I had never thought about that before and I had money coming out of my ears at that point. I had always done better with women in work situations or something else that took away the nervousness, and I thought, if they came to me, it would work better, as I would be in the control position.

I had no idea how to really get this started, so I went to the only place i could think of, Craigslist. I posted in the personals section that I was looking for a companion for business dinners and the like and for feminine attention. I specified I was looking for young and beautiful aspiring actresses.

I got a flood of responses, I would say at least 400, but it wasn't the knockouts I saw all over the place, it was a bunch of mid to low hotness women, most were young and aspiring actresses but nothing to get a man's dick hard. All day long my dick was hard as I would see these women. I kept trying to figure out how to approach these women and broach the subject of a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Then I got my other break, the one that utilized the first break to make my life so amazing. I got a notification on my phone as i was driving into my driveway about another email response to my CL ad. I told myself when I got inside to delete the ad, as it was pointless. I figured I would just start hiring some high priced hookers, even though I really didn't want a pro.

Once inside my pretty damn nice home, I went to my study where I was planning to write all future screenplays and stories and logged in. The email I got was from a Rochelle. She was an aspiring actress who had been in two commercials so far and said she really could use some help while she waited for things to break. That wasn't new at all, they were all looking for a little help. What was different, however, was the picture. It was a little dark but it was still jaw dropping, at least for me. She was doing a selfie in a vanity standing mirror, and she was fully nude, one photo of her front, one photo of her back. She stood on her toes in both photos, flexing her graceful legs, and causing her just barely defined outer abdominals to flex pushing around her flat tummy. She was very trim, but just thick enough that boned didn't show through, but there wasn't a speck of fat on her. She had two sizable breasts with tight small areolas and nipples. She had longer blonde hair with darker roots pulled back in a pony tail. I couldn't see her face in great detail, but I could see enough to know this girl had a face that matched the body.

I was about to write back when I realized I was intensely turned on at the thought of fucking this young maiden (I say young as she couldn't have been more than a year out of high school). Rather than say or write something stupid, I went to the bedroom and jacked off. Like any guy I have jacked off a lot, but envisioning this girl, and the thought I could actually have her, gave me one crazy orgasm and I slept at least an hour after ward.

When I came to I crafted a response, glad I was a writer and must have done 30 drafts before I felt I had done it right. I basically told her thank you for responding, I need a woman to relieve my stress and would be willing to try to help the right girl with my few contacts in the industry (but that would be reserved for the right woman only). I didn't want her to expect an instant movie roll, I didn't have that kind of sway. I also explained I was a little skeptical that it was her in the pictures.

I got a response very quickly and she told me she would be happy to meet for lunch to prove she was who she said she was. I wrote back that was fine and we exchanged numbers (I actually had purchased a burner for this) and we agreed to me at Alejandro's down town. It was a pretty expensive restaurant, and her suggestion. I figured she wanted to see if I really had cash to burn, so I agreed to meet her the next day at noon.

I got there early and waited at the bar. I hadn't sent her a picture because I wanted to gauge her reaction to me. I told her to ask for the reservation under my name (Peter) and I would join her. She was early too, by 10 minutes, which means something in LA's traffic and boy was it her. She was in gold strap heels, tall ones, and was wearing a pure white cotton dress with a solid white lower layer and a sheer white upper layer. It moved in the breeze of air rushing out when she opened the door and her dress was accented by golden bracelets, purse, hair clasp and necklace. Her lips were bright red, and her eyes had just a touch of mascara. The only way I can describe that face is a classic southern Alabama belle. Very pretty, and while not as stunning as I had seen in LA, it was damn nice, and boy she was as young as her pictures suggested, maybe younger.

As she was at the maitre'd stand, I took her in and followed that sexy body as she walked to the table. As she walked she caught me staring and flashed me a smile. I walked right over to her table.

"You must be Rochelle. I guess you are who you claimed to be." I said, my voice a bit weak as I felt inadequate next to such a hottie.

"You must be Peter, it's great to meet you." Rochelle said as she shook my hand and gave me a peck on the cheek.

I sat and we chatted while we ordered lunch. I guess I should not be surprised she ordered the most expensive appetizer and meal on the menu, and proceeded to eat little of it.

Obviously she was testing, but that was fine, I didn't blink when the tab came to $245. She had been very pleasant and was a very smart girl. I had to focus hard to get my hard on to go away as we stood to leave. I walked with her to the door, my hand on her lower back, not caring if everyone in the restaurant was looking at a 43 year old man with a stunning 19 year old (if I took her word for it).

Once we were outside and I waited for the valet I asked, "So did you need a ride Rochelle? I would be happy to take you where you need to go."

"All I needed was to come see you. I have to meet a girlfriend for dinner but that isn't until 8."

"Oh, I see .. . . " I wasn't sure what to say next.

My car arrived and we both got in.

"So were we going to have my tryout?"

"What's that . . . .?"

"You're email said this was my tryout, did I fail already? Do I not get to try out?"

I had meant the meeting was a tryout to see if we got along, but I occurred to me she was probably ready to "try out" to be a sugar baby. I had not figured any woman that hot would be willing to give it up that fast, but, if she was game, God knows I was!

"No, of course you didn't fail. I didn't know you were ready for a full tryout today, that is fine, I live a bit out of the city, is that okay?"

"Of course it is. I would love to see your place." Rochelle said sweetly. She crossed her sunkissed legs, and I noticed how nice her feet were. I don't have a foot fetish but a foot that looks great in a heel is a nice benefit. Her breast bounced every minor bump we hit and I won't lie, I was driving faster than usual to get home.

"I feel lucky to have found you, you know, I got a lot of responses but only yours was even worth answering."

"You are lucky, ha-ha. Who puts an ad on Craigslist anymore? I was going through it looking for funny posts and came across yours and it seemed sincere. Glad I was right." Rochelle said, flashing me a smile under her oversized Coco sunglasses.

"To be honest, I had no idea where to post something like that."

"Oh, most guy post in the back of audition mags like Studioz or C-Calls."

"Oh I see." I don't know if she realized she had just given me the keys to find many other women, but either way, I didn't care. "Well either way I am glad you decided to answer."

"Me too." Rochelle said and put her hand on my thigh and squeezed. For those of you without the equipment, you can get a hard on pretty fast, just like 15-20 seconds. I got a full raging hard on in about 6 seconds. Literally. I got hard so fast it hurt, but what was more, it shot out to where Rochelle's hand was and she felt the tip under my pants.

"Hello there, ha-ha." She giggled. "I guess someone is ready to play already."

"Oh ha-ha, yeah, sorry about that they have a mind of their own."

"How much further to your place?"

"About 15-20 minutes or so depending on traffic."

"Ah, plenty of time." Rochelle curled on her hip and began to undo my belt and pants while she licked and blew in my ear. If I hadn't already be hard that would have done it. Her hands were as amazing as the rest of her, soft skin, not a pore could be seen, same tan as the rest of her and long blood red nails tipped her fingers.

We got to a stop light. Rochelle cupped my left cheek and pulled my face to the side and gave me a deep kiss. Her tongue was warm and wet and her breath smelled amazing, even after a meal, her lips tasted like cherry lip gloss.

"Hopefully this can tide you over until we get home." She said giving me a sly smile. God she was hot! I know a lot of guys don't care much about a pussy as long as it is functional, but I never got hot girls in high school, so watch one lowering herself onto my cock that she had fished out of my pants was a scene, a memory in my mind's eye that will never leave.

I remember the anticipation of feeling her touch my penis was almost hotter than when I actually felt her warm mouth inhale my unit, her warm tongue dancing around the underside as she slid up and down on it.

"Oooh shhhhhhit. Ho, ho damn!" I moaned as I stared at her head bopping. I tried to maneuver to actually see those lips on me when I heard a honk. The light was green. You know I had heard of road head, but had never received it before. What a trip it was! I had to keep telling myself to not slam down on the accelerator as to not get a speeding ticket.

The noise from my crotch got wet and sloppy and I felt that warm energetic tingle that accompanies expulsion.

"God damn, Rochelle, Rochelle . . . Fuck!" I saw the street light right ahead was red. I slammed on the brakes and heard the tires squeal simultaneously as my cum rocketed out of my manhood and into Rochelle's warm waiting mouth.

"Ahhhhhh! Ooorrrrrfff! Hmmph, hmmph, hmmph." My eyes closed and my hands gripping the steering wheel. I released with my right hand when I felt her head pulling up.

"How was that? Did I do good?"

"Amphhhh. Sheeeeez. Wow, that was hmmmmph." I was gasping to get my breath back when I heard a horn again. I started moving forward, my now limp cock still out of my slacks.

I didn't see any cum anywhere so that little lady must have swallowed it down full. I was slightly embarassed that I didn't last but a minute and a half, but sooner or later she was gonna figure out I didn't have any staying power when it came to a hot woman.

I was pretty out of it for the rest of the drive and Rochelle just enjoyed the view, her hand back on the thigh the rest of the trip, helping my cock regain just a bit of its heft when we got out of my BMW and headed inside.

"Ooooh, you're place is gorgeous! Oh you have a pool! I bet it's great to sunbath out there!"

"Would you like something to drink?" I asked Rochelle.

"Sure, something fruity?"

"Just give me a minute." I went to work making some sangria for us as she looked around the house. As I turned the blender off I grabbed to glasses and filled them. When I turned around I almost dropped them. Rochelle and dropped her dress to the floor, no underwear, no bra. Just her, her amazing fucking body, her jewelry and her heels. She looked fucking incredible.

"So daddy, what do you think?" She was leaned up against the drywall doorway to the dining room, intentionally putting her body into a curving disposition, one knee bent, her right hand and arm sliding up the side of the doorway.

"Jesus. . . . " Was all I said, and let me tell you, those hot pictures she sent didn't do her justice at all.

Long slender but not skinny legs, a tiny torso that was flat and hard, what I can only assume were bolt ons due to the size and symmetry. The slender shoulders, short neck, and that great smile. I couldn't believe every inch of her was the exact same skin tone. She had to sun bath in the nude only. I loved how bright deep red her nipples and aureola were.

She was the quintessential head cheerleader from high school, while she was not my type, she made me hornier than I have ever been in my life. Just for perspective, the hottest woman I had ever been with was Jenny. I met her my first week of college and before she realized how next door hot she was (she came from a tiny town where she hadn't experienced 100's of guys fawning over her). Because we were both from smaller towns and shy, we connected at first and she was my first lay. Still my hottest, though no more than an 8. Once she realized the power of being attractive, the make up went on, the clothes got skimpy and she forgot about me.

Why did I bring all that up? Because it makes the rest of this part of the story less embarrassing. I half laid down and half dropped the glasses of sangria. One tips and spilled over the counter but I didn't care, I just stumbled over my own feet around the corner till I got to Rochelle and grabbed her like a rag doll. I planted my lips on hers, kissing her for all I was worth while I groped every inch of her body i could reach.

I don't think it will ever be something non-bisexual or lesbian women can understand, but no matter how fit, health conscience or focused a 35+ year old woman is on her body, nothing feels even close to the silk firm but supple body of a woman who is from 18-25. The tactile sensation just to a man's hands, are more than I can ever explain.

Rochelle and I stumbled backward to the dinning table and as soon as we were to it, I hoisted Rochelle up onto the edge of the table. She wasted no time undoing my pants and pushing down my boxers. She pulled my dress shirt from the side, popping the buttons while I pulled my tie down and over my head. Now naked except for my socks and watch, I continued to grope her while I rubbed my erect penis anywhere on her I could press against.

As my tongue wrestled with hers, I wondered if she was gonna let me in without a condom, God knows I wanted to fuck her bareback. Lucky for me, I didn't have to wait for an answer.

"Come on Daddy, get in me. Rochelle has the best pussy in da whowl wold!" She said switching to whiny baby talk. I tell you, it worked. Her legs were already parted, so I slid till her thighs were on my waist and I grabbed my dick, rubbing it between her lips until I found the spot and shoved.

I have never done heroin, but they say the first hit is unmatched. Well, the first stroke inside a true 10's pussy is unmatched. I don't care how much you love or desire a woman, her pussy doesn't match the sensation of top shelf cuisine. I felt like I had entered a pussy made of flexing silk that literally could set every nerve in my dick on fire. I couldn't physically feel my penis, all I felt was a shaft of pure orgasmic energy.

"HOOOOOO FFFFUUUUUCK!" I exclaimed in pure delight.

"Oh yeah Daddy, oh god give me that dick!" Rochelle moaned to me.

I had never fucked a woman with her heels on, especially on great legs. I hoisted one leg over my shoulder, while she hooked her other around my waist as I pulled back and slammed back home.

"God your pussy is --is--is AMAZING!!!" I panted, staring straight at the beautiful face, still in disbelief I was fucking her. God my dick was on fire! Yes, in a good way!!!!

"I know it is, I have been waiting for a guy who appreciates it. Oh yes, go deep!" Rochelle purred to me, staring right back at me. There is nothing quite like knowing you are having the best sex of your life. I pulled her leg off my leg and pushed her onto her back on the table.

As I pulled out for my fourth stroke, I leaned down to take a quick hard suck on her right breast. They had to be fake, they were perky and didn't lose any shape on her back. I pulled off and squeezed the same breast as I shoved my cock back inside her sweet honey pot.

"Oh fuck! Damn baby. Oh fuck!" I groaned as I stared at her impossibly hard stomach and then her amazing bolt ons and back to her tummy.

"Oh damn baby, you fuck me just how I like. Oh god, you didn't tell me you were a great fuck!" Rochelle yelped. No way in hell I was a great fuck, I didn't have anywhere near the experience. Unless being in a nice house with a rich dick inside really turned her on that much. Not that I really cared.

As I pulled back again, back to her breast went my mouth, where I sucked as long as I could stand before I had to shove my unit back in. Every stroke was insanely pleasurable. I looked back up to her face as I massaged her terrific thigh. I couldn't decide if I wanted to look at the great tits, the angelic face or the hard tummy. They all were intoxicating and made me with I had many independent eyes.

On my next thrust, my ninth overall, I knew it was going to be over very soon. I felt waves pumping out from my cock and I felt my balls loading up for a salvo.

"Oh god, oh no, shit baby, shit!"

"You gonna cum baby?! Oh I know, I know . . it's just too great of a pussy huh? Oh baby, I am so lucky you found me, this pussy deserves a great dick!"

I pulled back and stared down at her pussy for the first time in detail. It was shaved bare, and the lips were tight with no curtains to be seen. It was immaculate, just like the rest of her. I bit my teeth and slammed home again. I knew it was time and pulled back again quickly.

"Oh no! Not alreaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddyyyyyy! UGH!!!!" I jumped forward to fuck her extra deep on that last stroke as my dick turned into a fire hose, pumping out a thick voluminous glob of semen into Rochelle.

"Yes Daddy, give me all of it!" She reached up and slid her hands from my sides to my stomach, letting her nails scrape along the way. I pulled back, grabbed her thighs and yanked her to me as I thrust.

A huge, no massive eruption of cum emptied from my body into hers, filling her womb with my seed.


"Yeah! Give it to me!"


"Yeah Daddy!"

"Oh. Oh. Oh. UGH! Ugh! Ugh! Oh! Ho. Ho. Ho. Ho. Oh shit." I groaned quieter and quieter as my orgasm ran out of steam and my hips bucked and my cock clenched but there was no more come to give. My legs felt like jelly and I fell onto Rochelle's chest, my head resting on her breast.

"Holy shit. . . holy shit. . . . holy shit. . . holy shit" I whispered as I tried to get control over my heartbeat. Her body was so warm beneath me. It was like a cocoon of love for me to rest in after making love to her.

I felt her fingers combing though my hair. "Damn, that was one fine fuck, hmm?"

I pulled off of her as the pressure in my head subsided. "Holy fuck Rochelle." That was all I could say. I stepped back and watched my flaccid dick, looking like a drained water balloon slide out of her, some cum coming with it.

"Mind if I use the bathroom to freshen up?"

"Um, of course not, right down the hall, third door on the right."

I watched her walking away, wish i had more cum to give. I wished I could have fucked her for hours on end.

She came back after a few minutes and hastily dressed. "It's been great but I really don't want to cancel on dinner with my friend." Rochelle said.

"No of course not. There is nothing left to do here." I smiled to her.

She smiled back and said, "Um, I know it was just my tryout, but is there any chance you could help me a little bit?" She blinked her eyes at me as she spoke. I hadn't thought about paying her for it, but it seemed reasonable after a blow job to completion and a bareback fuck. I went to my office and grabbed $500 bucks and walked out and handed it to her.

Her eyes go wide when she saw the amount. "Oh wow Daddy, I meant like $50 for dinner." She said laughing.

"Fuck it, you earned it." I called her a car service which showed up quickly. She gave me a peck on the cheek and as she was walking out the door she said,

"Thanks for the opportunity Peter. I hope I hear back from you."

I watched her great form walk to the car and drive away. It was absolutely amazing to know she was out there, ready to by my Sugar. But she had given me too much info to decide that now. I went to my computer, found the numbers and began calling all the casting call magazines, placing an ad in each one.

It wasn't but a day before I got the next call to change my life. "Hello? Yes, I did place that ad."

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